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In the battle for the “Reality Star 2022” title, 22 celebrities once again face exciting challenges between a paradise beach and a star-studded sala.


In season three “Battle of the Reality Stars,” 22 well-known TV and social media faces are once again haggling for fame and recognition from their fellow campaigners and must prove their shrewdness and team spirit in… regular challenges. Who can score points with popularity and empathy, for whom is a lack of knowledge of human nature fatal? Who can continue to dream of a prize money of 50,000 euros and for whom is the journey already over? Since April 13, you can discover it every Wednesday at 8:15 p.m. on RTL Zwei or already in exclusive preview in the stream on RTL+ (formerly TVNOW).

“Battle of the Reality Stars” Episode 4: Tears, Panic Attacks and Fainting

From the start of the fourth episode, the stars of reality TV welcome two newcomers: The Jakic twins immediately arouse wonder with their identical appearance and synchronous movement sequences. But the celebrities don’t have much time to think about who is Ilona and who is Suzana, because the next arrival is not long in coming. Prince Heinz of Sayn-Wittgenstein gets off the boat and immediately seizes the opportunity to brag about his wealth.

The first game, where all or nothing is at stake, is quickly on the agenda – because whoever loses must leave the sala the same day. In the first challenge, the stars must prove who can shout the loudest; no problem for Sissi, Yasin, Jan, Tessa and Nina Kristin. So that they can sit back and relax, Elena, Ronald, Heinrich, Rich Nana and Chethrin have to make themselves cry in the second challenge with onions, Tabasco and co. It’s probably too much for Game Master Heinz, as he collapses and needs medical attention.

Nevertheless, the game continues after a short break. Ronald, Heinrich, and Chethrin’s tears don’t flow fast enough, which is why they have to roll down a red carpet on lap 3. However, Heinrich loses his bearings and Chethrin suffers a panic attack; Ronald therefore has an easy game. The team must now decide whether Heinrich or Chethrin should say goodbye to the dream beach…

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“He wants to make a quota at the expense of your reputation”

But before that decision is made, Jan first has a serious word to speak to Yasin, who turns away from her bromance over time and sides with Ronald instead. Jan has clear words for his buddy: “He wants to make a quota at the expense of your reputation”. This causes Yasin to be displeased, as now the sunny boy doesn’t know who he can trust.

Chethrin also struggles with her role on the show. Should she really engage in a duel against Heinrich? She has made her decision: she prefers to leave the Sala and make a name for herself far from reality. Chethrin voluntarily quits “Battle of the Reality Stars” in Episode 4.

In the following safety game, general knowledge is required. Jan, Elena and Sissi do better, but only one celebrity can feel safe. Ronald, of all people, should decide who it is, the choice of which falls to Elena. The rest of the celebs have to worry about their future on the show at the “moment of truth” – except of course for Ilona, ​​Suzana and Heinz, who are new.

Who should go in Episode 4 of Battle of the Reality Stars?

After the voluntary departure of Chethrine Schulze two other reality stars must be shaking. As newcomers, Heinz and the Jakic twins have the first eviction in their hands. A great discussion is missing; but Ronald and Nina Kristin in particular try to influence the decision makers in order to oust Jan from the race. But that doesn’t happen, because the choice is obvious rich grandma.

But that’s not all, because as before, the remaining celebrities are allowed to eliminate someone from their own ranks during the “Moment of Truth”, each of whom can cast one vote. In the thrilling head-to-head race between Tessa and Jan, the former “German’s Next Top Model” contestant draws the short straw. Tessa Bergmeier finally has to pack up in Episode 4 after getting a reprieve in Episode 2.

Chethrin, Tessa and Rich Nana have to say goodbye to the dream beach in episode 4. © RTL Deux

Who went out ?

In Episode 3, Chethrin and Rich Nana came to a unanimous conclusion: mike cees had to leave the sala. The first of the group selection also specified for whom the time in Thailand was supposed to be over: it was the trainee Enrico Elijah. However, the two follow a sign that reads “No more airtime”. So, will we see them again?

Before Mike and Enrico, the following reality stars had to say goodbye to the dream beach:

  • junk soldier Mauro Corradino (optional in Episode 2)
  • television detective Sharon Trovato (Episode 1)

Who else is in it?

  • Elena Miraknown from “Love Island”
  • Berger Henryknown from “Farmer Seeks a Wife”
  • it girl Nina Christina
  • Ronald Schillknown as the judge of scandals
  • Yasin Mohamedknown from “Temptation Island”
  • Jan Leikex-actor of “Berlin Day & Night”
  • Iris Kleinmother of Daniela Katzenberger
  • Sissy Hofbauerstationery owner
  • Prince Heinz von Sayn-Wittgenstein
  • Jakic twins Ilona and Suzana

The following reality stars will also be competing for the title and prize money in upcoming episodes:

  • Yeliz Koc, influencer
  • Malkiel Rouven Dietrich, TV astrologer
  • Larissa Neumann, former “GNTM” participant
  • Paco Herb, known as the winner of “Love Island”
  • Martin Wernicke, known from “Berlin Day & Night”

Preview: what happens in episode 5?

– Warning, there are spoilers for episode 5 –

During the fourth episode, we had already mentioned it, but in episode 5, we can no longer deny it: harmony on the dream beach is a thing of the past. with the newcomers Larissa Neumann, Paco Grass and Martin Wernicke there will be unrest in the sala, which will lead to one or the other nasty fight of words…

But the stars are also concerned with another matter, as the question arises as to which celebrity was able to negotiate the highest fees for “Battle of the Reality Stars” in advance. Plagued by envy and resentment, opponents show their true colors. Are the cards reshuffled around the allies again? Whoever turns out to be friend or foe, in the moment of truth, everything suddenly turns out very differently – because a big surprise is imminent. You can find out what it looks like next week on May 11 at 8:15 p.m. on RTL Zwei or in advance from May 7 exclusively on RTL+.

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