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Werder Bremen are fighting for promotion to the Bundesliga with two games to play. On Saturday, Bremen meet Erzgebirge Aue (live on Sky), already relegated. Sky journalist Sven Töllner caught up with Werder coach Ole Werner for an exclusive interview.

Bremen coach Ole Werner on…

…his birthday wishes: “I haven’t made a wishlist yet, but hopefully we’ll give a little gift this weekend.”

… the task in Aue: “Every situation in the game can be decisive. And you have to play every situation with 100% attention and you can’t rely on things going well or your colleague already doing it. Especially when it comes to to behave against the ball assuming things can go wrong and always thinking one step ahead.”

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Werder Bremen coach Ole Werner talks about the remaining games in the promotion fight.

…the teams that took the pressure: “We’ve been through so many situations this season that required mental stability. So I don’t have to check that separately. Of course during the training week you look at who has the right grip and who’s paying attention. Everyone everyone is ready anyway”

… the opponent: “We have to assume that Aue wants to show a reaction. And despite all that, our self-image should be that we win the game if we play.”

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After the bitter defeat in Kiel, Werder Bremen must still tremble in the race for promotion. Nevertheless, Ole Werner remains confident.

… the current mood: “This season Bremen have already been completely written off at three or four points and it was clear to everyone around us that another year in the 2nd league is announced here. And now we have the opportunity to be promoted. It’s like that and it’s tingling and tight – it’s actually a good situation at the start. We certainly would have liked to have had an even better starting position last weekend, no doubt.”

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Werder Bremen coach Ole Werner weighs the options for the starting XI against Aue.

… the returnees Toprak, Groß and Veljkovic: “I believe the three guys, who have all had a good week so far, are giving us some stability back – in the dressing room and on the pitch. And in that regard, we’re confident that the three will come back to us may give a real boost for the last games.”

… the last wild matchdays: “It’s always like that in football, that’s what makes the sport so exciting. Especially in the last days of the match, you can see again and again that things are going in a different direction. You have to be prepared and armed for everything. We have to focus on ourselves and do our homework. We watch our game in Aue because that’s what we have to draw – and only then can we see what happened. spent elsewhere.”

The interview was conducted by Sven Töllner.

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