“We rock QUEEN” boiled the town hall of Ransbach-Baumbach

Message of 05/01/2022

By Wolfgang Rabsch

If even the author of this article lacks superlatives, then something very special must have happened. “Amazing, fantastic, terrific, phenomenal, genuine, likeable” were the comments heard everywhere during the intermission of the acclaimed “We rock QUEEN” concert.

Photos: Wolfgang Rabsch

Ransbach-Baumbach. The exuberant, perhaps somewhat diligent reviews can only be underlined, as the visitors to the well-attended concert stood behind the band like a wall from the start. Each hit was celebrated and sung with enthusiasm, as the audience was also extremely sure of the lyrics. Partly completely detached, the public also celebrated, not surprisingly, since the group launched the pompous program at full speed from the first sound of the guitar. The boys didn’t need a warm-up phase to be in top form. Fans were also downright hungry, as the concert had already been canceled twice due to the pandemic and had to be rescheduled.

Hit after hit rained down on the flashing hall, so lead singer Sascha Kleinophorst repeatedly involved the audience in applause and singing exercises. The overwhelming majority in the room enthusiastically followed the conductor’s instructions on stage. Already the intro with “One vision” and “We will rock you” in a hard rock version capsized the room.

The band went into a veritable frenzy during the nearly three-hour concert, QUEEN’s songs were paired in the highest quality with an intoxicating joy of playing. There were no major visual effects, as the show’s emphasis was presented on authentic reproduction of the songs – musically very close to the original, but still with a recognizable clean style.

Frank Rohles, mastermind and lead guitarist of “We rock QUEEN”, is a longtime friend of QUEEN guitarist Brian May. As supervisor and guitarist of the hit musical “We will rock you”, he is literally predestined to explore Queen’s music with all its musical facets to present on stage in an expressive tribute show. The original band members for “We Will Rock You” were handpicked by QUEEN members Brian May and Roger Taylor.

In any case, Frank Rohles let his group breathe, did not put himself in the foreground, but gave everyone the freedom to develop, which was expressed musically in particularly strong solos. Refined guitar riffs and booming drums on the “shooting gallery” completed an overall first-class musical image. You couldn’t help but feel that after the three-hour concert, apart from a short break, the band still hadn’t exhausted themselves completely, as they were literally swept away by the wave of enthusiasm.

The WW-Kurier had the opportunity to have a quick chat with the band backstage during the break. It was explained in unison that they still couldn’t believe what they were allowed to experience that night. To finally get back on stage after years of abstinence, they considered it a great gift. As a live band, they absolutely depend on audience contact to savor the feedback and keep moving forward.

Two original Wäller daughters of “Weirehon” (Weidenhahn) and “Säsemisch” (Sessenbach), Manuela and Tina, discovered the concert only by chance. It was an absolute must for both of them to absorb the gig, as they practically grew up with QUEEN’s music. “We can hardly believe our luck that we are allowed to be there live here today. Memories of the 80s and 90s come flooding back immediately. September 9. July 2022 will take place close to home, namely in Nassau an der Lahn, at the Open Air in the Freiherr-vom-Stein-Park.”

Manuela and Tina’s opinion can certainly be taken as an example for all concert visitors. Everywhere you looked there were only happy faces. We can only advise all QUEEN fans to go to the mentioned concert in Nassau, because they missed a great show in Ransbach-Baumbach.

As expected, the band only exited the stage after a few encores, with standing ovations and hard-to-find cheers. The last hit that sounded was of course “We are the Champions”. With this song, they put the crown on the band and achieved a worthy end to the concert.

The long list of hits would lead too far at this point, the interested reader can see them on the attached set list with the pictures.

“We rock QUEEN” performed with the following cast:
Vocals: Sascha Kleinophorst
Guitar: Frank Rohles
Bass: Erhard Wollmann
Keyboards: Marc Rohles
Drums: Olivier Kerstan

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Location: Ransbach-Baumbach & surroundings

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