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Can your pet sleep with you? Another reason to wash your pillow more often.

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A very common rule of thumb says: The pillow should be cleaned every two years. But depending on the material, machine washing should be taboo.

Down, viscose foam or other synthetic materials such as polyester: consumers are spoiled for choice when it comes to pillow filling. The absolute classic: the down pillow – although there are many arguments against the natural material and in favor of high-tech materials such as microfiber. The latter are easier to care for, adapt even better to the shape of the body without losing support and, last but not least, animal welfare is promoted by the fact that no feathers or down are used.

All pillows should be cleaned at regular intervals so that dust mites, bacteria and dirt don’t stand a chance. How exactly you should proceed may dem care label, which is usually sewn to the edge of the pillow.

Below is an overview of how you should clean your pillow in order to long enjoyment of the product to get.

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Properly cleaning pillows: how to do it

  • Wash the pillows: This type of pillow should not be washed too often, about every two years is a good guideline. If your washing machine is big enough for the pillow to fit in the drum, you can wash your pillow at home. If not, cleaning is the right place to go. Select the delicate program or the wool wash program and set the temperature as recommended on the laundry label (usually around 40 degrees Celsius). Be sure to use a mild detergent or down detergent – strong detergents and fabric softeners can damage down. Feather pillows and duvets should be dried in the dryer. It’s best to add a few clean tennis balls to prevent the filling from clumping. If you don’t have a dryer, you should dry the bedding in good ventilation and shake it regularly.
  • Wash pillows made of high-tech materials such as microfiber or polyester: This type of pillow is easier to maintain than the down pillow. You can also wash it more often than every two years without losing quality. With microfiber pillows, 60 degrees and the use of strong detergent kills all bacteria and dust mites. Polyester pillows should not be washed at more than 30 degrees. Delicates detergent is the product of choice here. Either way, you should avoid using fabric softener.
  • Wash visco foam pillows: This type of pillow is distinguished by a dimensionally stable filling that prevents tension in the neck and back pain. In order for the product to have a long life in front of you, you should never wash it in the washing machine. However, there is a home remedy that effectively removes bacteria, odors, and dust mites from your memory foam pillow. Simply sprinkle baking soda on the pillow and leave for a few hours. Then the pillow is well vacuumed. Stains need to be removed? You can do this by dampening a cotton cloth with a little mild liquid detergent and pressing it onto the area to be cleaned.


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