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VfL Wolfsburg footballers can cool the championship champagne. On Wednesday evening, the “wolves” won 5-1 (3-1) at SGS Essen and have two games before the end of the season with a four-point lead over pursuers FC Bayern Munich.

The starting point speaks clearly for the women of VfL. They could become ‘on the couch’ champions on Friday night if the Munich side lose their away game at Leverkusen. In the event of a FCB draw on Sunday (4 p.m.), the “wolves” are completely enough Carl Zeiss Jena, already relegated. If FCB win at Leverkusen, coach Tommy Stroot’s side will need a win to quickly secure their seventh title. In the home game against Leverkusen on May 15, fans can celebrate.

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Results, standings and days at a glance. After

VfL dominating and with deserved leadership

four days later Victory 2-0 at home in the Champions League in front of more than 22,000 spectators against FC Barcelona, ​​​​the “wolves” were not disturbed by the barely full ranks on the Hafenstrasse in Essen. They clearly dominated the meeting, but needed a controversial penalty to take the advantage, Dominique Janssen transformed without incident (16th).

After that the match went as planned, after goals from Ewa Pajor (28th) and Tabea Waßmuth (33rd) it was already 3:0 for the favorites. The hosts were largely harmless in attack and only had two chances to score: VfL keeper Almuth Schult was on the spot against Carlotta Wamser (30th), but she was helpless against Vivien Endemann’s right-footed shot – only 3: 1. (36th).

Janssen composes the double pack

After the restart, the guests took it a bit more gently without emitting less goal danger. SGS goalkeeper Sindermann parried twice against Waßmuth (55th) and Lena Lattwein (65th), but then had to give up for the fourth time: Janssen finally took the Wolfsburg women out of the field with a header on the road to victory (66th).

The Essen women bravely held back and also had chances thanks to Wamser (74th) and Elisa Senß (77th) – but Schult was on the post. Towards the end, the strength of SGS decreased, the “wolves” regularly left the ball, and the opponents ran – Sandra Starke practically scored the 5: 1 (90 + 2) at the final whistle. Wolfsburg’s ninth consecutive league victory was also fully deserved in terms of size.

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Wolfsburg's Jill Roord (centre) and her teammates celebrate a goal.  © IMAGO / regios24

The 1:5 in the first leg was too much of a burden, but the home win against Barcelona should give Wolfsburg some courage for the end of the season. After

Sara Agrez of Turbine Potsdam, arrival of the women of VfL Wolfsburg © picture alliance/foto2press Photo: Manfed Heyne

The national player will switch to “wolves” this summer. He is the club’s fourth new signing. After

Marina Hegering of FC Bayern Munich © imago images/Hartenfelser Photo: Peter Hartenfelser

The German national player is already the third top newcomer to the Wolfsburg squad for the new season. After

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