Urs Fischer and Christian Streich provide great cinema

Not an endangered species: Union coach Urs Sicher and Freiburg coach Christian Streich (left) are rocking the Bundesliga. Photo: Imago

Laptop Trainer! What does this word have and did this characteristic once trigger a hype in German football. They are data enthusiasts, they analyze even the tiniest signals and thus improve the players. Of course, there is something when running distances are measured to the nearest centimeter and when the unit of force in duels is no longer calculated in kiloponds but in newtons. It is important and it makes the difference in top sports, where more and more small things decide and where there are hardly any secrets in the training system. There should and must be specialists for this. However, in recent years, it seemed that qualifications that had become essential, such as human maturity or one’s own professional experience, had considerably lost importance in finding the truth on the ground.

Urs Fischer and Christian Streichen were considered a dying breed

From the point of view of a progressiveness that became modern during the Pep Guardiola era (the Catalan has enough professional experience, no doubt), which was sometimes more appearance than reality, the era of the earthy guys -down as Urs Fischer and Christian Streich looked almost counted out. They, both 56, but the one from Brisgau a good eight months older than the one from Berlin, were considered a dying breed, especially since they were the oldest of their kind in the Bundesliga before Felix Magath only jumps back on the carousel.

Now Methuselah I and Methuselah II meet on weekends. As always, it will be about tactics and who watches who better, plays the balls behind the line and is effective. But with both, it will also be about what and especially how I communicate with the players. Streich, who has known no other life as a coach than that of SC Freiburg, which has been playing in the youth teams since 1995, is undoubtedly a master of his art in this discipline. Fischer, even a little calmer on the outside, usually hits the right tone.

The farce of Union Fischer and Freiburg ahead of new records

Also appreciated and will greet each other in Freiburg on Saturday: Union coach Urs Fischer and SC coach Christian Streich (right). Photo: Imago

For all the modernity of laptops, it’s a deeply human sign that these two guys are not just among the oldest, but are now the longest-serving coaches in the Bundesliga. Nothing even comes close to Otto Rehhagel and his legendary record at Werder Bremen with 480 consecutive games from 1981 to 1995. But Streich is before his 320th game on the sidelines for Breisgauer in the German first division and Fischer before his 100th – that’s Something. Yet while Fischer has been the Irons’ unassailable record manager in the Bundesliga for years, the only one apart from a game with Markus Hoffmann, Streich is number 2 in the far south-west of the republic. with a 20-game deficit behind Volker Finke. Still.

So the human elderly do it. They are definitely rocking the league. In the game of millions, whether in victory or almost still in defeat, they make great cinema. Sporty – two rounds from the end of the season, one is still watching the Champions League and the DFB Cup a bit, the other is still holding out the key with the Schlosserjungs this season to open the door to the Europe – and even more human

Football is fun with Fischer and Streich

When the others get angry that the opponent has one too many players on the pitch, Streich remains completely calm and says, as if it doesn’t concern him: “There are rules for that, right?” And when others vehemently ask for a penalty, because Niko Gießelmann was clearly fouled by Nordi Mukiele and everyone rightly called for a penalty, but the referee pushed it away despite the Watching the video footage, Fischer also rested on himself and said, as if speaking of a completely different game: “The ref just made the decision…” first being able to endure so much quiet blood.

With Fischer and Streich in the training areas, football is simply fun. It has something of its originality, even if up to 25 television cameras recorded everything in some Bundesliga matches or up to 43 in the European Championship last year and some bursts, be happy, angry, maybe dormant. . Both don’t show off, they do everything they can for the cause, and don’t forget to be polite or respectful. It’s very old and, so to speak, high school.

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