This is what happens to your body when your blood is drawn

  • One donation can help up to three people
  • The blood donation process is relative simple
  • Blood donations work positive for blood pressure out of

If you are still unsure whether you should donate blood, the following article will surely convince you.

Why give blood ?

The most important thing about donating blood is that your donation can, and can, help patients lives are saved. With a single whole blood donation care for up to three patients will be. This knowledge makes you feel good.

Moreover, your will first blood donation tested for infectious diseasesgiving you peace of mind that your blood is free of pathogens such as AIDS, HIV-1 and HIV-2, antibodies produced as a result of the sexually transmitted disease syphilis, and parvovirus B19 .

Will also be determine your blood type and you will receive a blood donor card. In the event of an emergency, this makes it possible to quickly find blood products suitable for your blood type.

What happens when you donate blood?

The cost of donating blood is very low. This happens again and again in many areas mobile blood donation campaignsbut also blood donation institutes. You can easily book an appointment online and get there.

During your first visit, you complete a questionnaire on your state of health, followed by a preliminary medical examination and an interview with the doctor. later become Approximately 500 milliliters of blood were collected in minutes and therefore given.

Finally there is some rest and you get a snack that you can take with you. So you go home strengthened and with a good feeling.

Is donating blood safe?

What few people know is this one Blood donation for donors even in good health is. Regular donations lower blood pressure hypertensive patients (high blood pressure) and thus reduce it Risk of cardiovascular disease.

In addition, you always keep an eye on your blood pressure through regular blood donations and thanks to the blood donation health check, you know if you are really healthy. If your blood pressure or iron level is not within the normal range, you will not be allowed to donate.

Instead, you’ll get the Recommended doctor visit or diet adjustment, so that your iron deficiency is balanced again. All diseases that may result can be treated preventively and avoided.

What to do after donating blood?

After donating blood, it is always important to to restore water balance. So should you eat something and take a breakso that the body can regenerate. You must refrain from any physical exertion after the donation.

Those who arrived by car or motorbike must first wait half an hour before being able to get back on the road.

Smokers should also wait a while after the donation before smoking a cigarette, as nicotine can have a negative effect on the donor’s circulation.

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