There will likely be 14 episodes – perhaps with a break in the season?

NBC had a hit with “La Brea” and that is why they are continuing the series with a second season. And the inventor of the series, David Appelbaum, has already revealed a little the direction in which it will go.

Poster La Brea season 1

The series finale has yet to air in Germany, and two new episodes of “La Brea” are released weekly in Germany.

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We’re still halfway through the first season at the moment, but fans will definitely be excited to see the story continue in a big way. As TVline reports, sources have indicated that 14 episodes are planned for the second season of “La Brea”. The magazine is probably correct in speculating that this could lead to a season hiatus so that the first seven episodes can air on TV in the fall of 2022.

Season 2: When will the new “La Brea” episodes be released?

No one knows for sure, but we’d also assume that NBC doesn’t want to keep fans waiting too long and is aiming for an October 2022 launch on US television, which would be the annual rotation that most formats and broadcasters are aiming for. set up at the top. It might be a while before the season is seen in Germany, probably still on Sky, but that too is just speculation, as it hasn’t been officially announced by any means.

– If you don’t want to be spoiled even slightly, instead of continuing reading now, you should continue watching the first season with all ten episodes at your leisure, for example with a Sky ticket –

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Spoilers: What happens in La Brea Season 2?

Without giving away too much of the twist(s) at the end of season 1, here are some clues that David Appelbaum, the co-showrunner and creator of “La Brea”, has gathered into one. Interview with TV Line on how events might unfold in Season 2:

  • Where Josh, Riley, and Lily end up may remain a mystery until launch, but what’s public is that it’ll be in a different time frame, outside of 10,000 BC. It’s supposed to be something completely different, a completely different world than what you’ve seen before.
  • Nor does he rule out the possibility that a portal could lead into the future.
  • The modern tower that Alridge leads Scott to will play a central role in season two. Multiple glimpses of the building and its mysteries are promised.
  • Gavin, Izzy and Ella have to walk hard to get from Seattle to Los Angeles in time. Appelbaum doesn’t want to reveal exactly what happens to them, but he thinks it’s funny how characters we only know about in the modern world clash in the world of mammoths.
  • Silas is definitely Isaiah’s grandfather. And we can also see it more.
  • We learn more about Alridge and Gavin’s connection. And Alridge will be relevant to the rest of the story.

When asked speculatively if Rebecca and her people were pioneers in time travel research and accidentally created the sinkholes along the way, Appelbaum sadly replies that he can’t answer that question. , but enjoys careful viewing of his series. In general, however, he also promises in this interview that viewers will have no questions and that everything in the series will also be explained. So there’s no reason not to look forward to season two.

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