The new Convenient Series Deluxe steamer from Tefal: For …


The new Convenient Series Deluxe steamer from Tefal: For simple and healthy cooking

The new Convenient Series Deluxe steamer from Tefal: For simple and healthy cooking

Thanks to the stackable stainless steel container, the steamer allows you to prepare up to three different ingredients at the same time // Easy handling and numerous programs and functions guarantee maximum convenience – even if you don’t have much time for long cooking sessions

Frankfurt am Main, March 15, 2022 – With the new Convenient Series Deluxe Steamer from Tefal, home cooks can simultaneously prepare several different ingredients for a healthy and balanced meal. Should there be a fish dish with vegetables and rice for dinner? Simply pour the different ingredients into the three sturdy stainless steel containers, stack them, set the right program and off you go. The steamer is also always ready for unusual dishes: Whether Asian dumplings or steamed vegetables for a delicious bowl – the Convenient Series Deluxe steamer from Tefal enables optimal preparation without wasting any elements important nutrients. Thanks to the steam, the food is completely defatted and cooked gently at 100°C. This preserves important vitamins and nutrients. Since you don’t have to constantly monitor the cooking process, the steamer is the perfect kitchen helper for families who can’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Steaming made easy with convenience and ease of use

In addition to powerful steaming on three levels, the Convenient Series Deluxe steamer impresses above all with its very simple and user-friendly handling. The intuitive digital touchpad lets you select the ideal cooking time and temperature for different ingredients from eight cooking programs: soft and firm vegetables, fish, rice/legumes and meat. The steamer also has a defrost, preheat and keep warm function. Plus, home chefs can manually adjust the cooking time and temperature to suit their individual preferences. After the cooking process, the device switches off automatically. And if the display shows a low water level during cooking, you can easily add liquid to the 1.2 liter tank using a refill device without having to interrupt the cooking process. For optimal preparation of rice dishes, a rice bowl is also part of the accessories of the Convenient Series Deluxe steamer.

The stainless steel containers, each with a capacity of three liters, and the lid are dishwasher safe. After rinsing, the steamer and inserts can be stowed away to save space. Just flip the inserts over, snap them together and put the lid on.

A QR code is printed on the packaging for creative steaming ideas, which can be used to download a digital recipe booklet with 40 recipes for free. The recipes also give recommendations on the temperature, time, and order in which home cooks should optimally steam their ingredients.

Tefal’s new Convenient Series Deluxe steam cooker (VC502D) will be available from April 2022 at the recommended retail price of 179.99 euros.

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