The 25th movie hits theaters with a cosplay contest!

“Detective Conan: The Halloween Bride” is the last and 25th film in the series and will soon be released in German cinemas. Anyone who attends the premiere will experience a very special surprise.

Perhaps the greatest master detective on earth comes in the form of an elementary school student. Shin’ichi Kudō is actually 17, but a failed assassination attempt, which only made him younger and didn’t kill him, forced him to start over. Detective Conan was born. Tracking down the “black organization” that did this to him, he solves one incredible criminal case after another. The 25th film in this series is now waiting for us, the pre-sales have already started and in order not to miss it at the cinema, you now have all the information for the wonderful event of May 2022.

Detective Conan: The Halloween Bride: That’s What It’s About

Detective Conan suddenly and unexpectedly finds himself in the middle of a case that won’t let him go. Miwako Sato and Wataru Takagi want to get married, but suddenly the ceremony is severely disrupted and Wataru, who wants to protect his fiancée, is hurt. Miwako recalls a past experience when her life partner Jinpei was killed in a bombing. The very man responsible for it has now escaped from prison. Could this be a coincidence? Conan doesn’t believe it and gets to work to solve the case. In the trailer you get a first impression of the latest entry in the series:

“Detective Conan: The Halloween Bride” in theaters: Dates in May 2022

At May 31, 2022 the new animated action thriller can be seen in German cinemas. But there’s one in five cities selected Insightwho already on May 20, 2022 takes place and holds a very special surprise, namely a cosplay contest. But first the participating cinemas:

  • CinemaxX Berlin, Potsdamer Strasse 5
  • CinemaxX Hamburg (Dammtor), Dammtordamm 1
  • CinemaxX Cologne, Im Mediapark 1
  • CinemaxX Leipzig, Ludwigsburger Straße 13
  • CinemaxX Munich, Isartorplatz 8

You see the film in the German dubbed version and the performance begins from 20h.

Cosplay Contest Preview

Crunchyroll has found something awesome to make the movie premiere unforgettable. There must be a cosplay contest that night. The top three costumes will be rewarded with a valuable prize, which is currently a secret. Whoever wins will be determined by a meter of applause, so it’s up to the fans in the room to decide and you have the chance to become a cosplay legend. The themes of the competition are:

  • Conan characters
  • Halloween
  • Halloween Brides

We wish you lots of fun and success!

thematys® - Detective Detective Costume - Deerstalker Hat + Whistle + Magnifying Glass - Detective Detective K

thematys® – Detective Detective Costume – Deerstalker Hat + Whistle + Magnifying Glass – Detective Detective K

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Watch all Detective Conan movies

You can watch movies 5 through 21 by subscribing to Crunchyroll. If you’ve never had one, you can test THE anime streaming service for 14 days without obligation and for free.

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“The Detectives’ Requiem” (10)

“The Azure Jolly Roger” (11)

“The Horror Score” (12)

“The Dark Hunter of Night” (13)

“The Lost Ship in the Sky” (14)

“The 15 minutes of silence” (15)

“The 11th striker” (16)

“Detective on the High Seas” (17)

“The Sniper from Another Dimension” (18)

“The Sunflowers of Hell” (19)

“The Darkest Nightmare” (20)

“The Crimson Love Letter” (21)

“Zero the Executor” (22)

“The Steel Blue Fist” (23)

“The Scarlet Orb” (24)

Lupine 3rd vs. Detective Conan: The Movie Crossover Movie

Available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Lupine III vs. Detective Conan – Trailer German

“Detective Conan”: TV series in free streaming

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