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The goal of the Krass Kultur Crash Festival in Kampnagel is the clash of different cultures. This year it is taking place for the tenth time.

10 years of Krass Kultur Crash Festival in Kampnagel © Miguel Ferraz/ Kampnagel Photo: Miguel Ferraz

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by Katja Wise

The man in the black training jacket does not hesitate to retreat into cultural niches – only the opening allows you to go anywhere, says Branko Šimić, looking amiably through his glasses. He learned that. In 1992 he came to Hamburg as a refugee from Sarajevo: “I was first in Hungary, then in Austria, then I came to Hamburg. Actually, this should continue in Amsterdam. I should continue to study Everything was already prepared, but I stayed until today,” says Šimić.

Branko Šimić: When war changes your own perception

At this time, he also changed jobs. The 24-year-old actor decided to also study directing – partly because he didn’t speak German, partly because he was looking for a new form of artistic expression: “I remember chance also in the garden of the house where I lived on the first day of the war”, he says. “This grenade changed my perception and challenged my ambitions to be an artist.”

It took him a long time to assimilate what he had experienced artistically. This is why he recommends not putting pressure on the artists who are today fleeing the war in Ukraine, but rather making infrastructures available to them. He feels strongly reminded of the times of the Yugoslav war, says Šimić: “Both in the former Yugoslavia and in Ukraine, it started with a narrative that people were denying the existence of others. there are no Ukrainians, he said in this Putin speech. I was extremely shocked when I heard and read this speech. It was the same story as in the former Yugoslavia.

Performances, concerts, readings – and a gala dinner

What image do refugees have of Germany? This question runs like a red thread through the program Krass Kultur Crash Festivals with shows, concerts and readings. To start, Šimić and his playwright Nikola Djurić invite you to a German-international gala dinner, where you can eat and discuss: What do you like in Germany? What is happening here ? And where should he go? It will be hosted by Michel Abdollahi and served by Tina Keserovic, among others: “I have a triple background: actress, waitress and Jugo.” She also talks about her experiences as a waitress.

Šimić and Djurić always develop their pieces with the ensemble based on what people have experienced. It’s often more fantastic than fiction: “Around 2007, I staged a play about four young people who had fled,” says Šimić. “I interviewed them. The criteria for the play was that you tell the stories that actually happened on the run, but the viewer is always thinking: Ah, they made this up.”

Krass Kultur Crash Festival: Bringing people together through art

Thinking further about society, bringing people together through art: Šimić thinks that culinary integration works rather well. He will also bring something to the menu, “because the menu that Antonia cooks is vegan and vegetarian. As Balkan people, we cannot do without meat completely. That is why we will fry and offer small Wiener Schnitzel. Me too, personally,” he says. On April 27, the Krass Kultur Crash Festival in Kampnagel starts with the 3-course menu. The festival lasts until May 8.

Ten years of Krass Kultur Crash Festival: Art connects

The aim of the festival in Kampnagel is the clash of different cultures. It is now taking place for the 10th time.

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