Pak Choi: Properly Prepare Aromatic Asian Cabbage | – Guide – Cooking

Status: 04/13/2022 3:57 p.m. With its fine aroma, Pak Choi is ideal for Asian cuisine. The vegetable is related to Chinese cabbage and also known as mustard cabbage. Visually, Pak Choi is somewhat reminiscent of Swiss chard, but tastes very different. The white stalks have a very slight spiciness, especially effective in Asian dishes. Bok … Read more

Eggplants: healthy slimming products | – Guide

Status: 29.10.2021 10:12 a.m. Eggplants are high in fiber – they fill you up and stimulate your bowels. In addition, eggplant is rich in nutrients, has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. Eggplant contains many healthy ingredients that affect our body in many ways. They are also real slimmers: 100 grams contain only 17 kilocalories – … Read more

Cooking at a lower cost: Inexpensive recipes with seasonal vegetables

Apr 27, 2022 @ 8:53am Recipes for little money : Cheap food – tips for cheap and delicious food Seasonal vegetables are healthy and inexpensive. Photo: ZB/Soeren Stache Dusseldorf Cooking cheaply – that doesn’t sound trendy at all for friends of good food. But not only given rising food prices, it makes sense to budget … Read more