Tofu: a delicious cuisine with white soy cheese | – Guide – Cooking

Status: 04/05/2022 3:14 p.m. Tofu is a popular vegan meat substitute and is high in protein. It is made from curdled soy milk. How do you prepare tofu, what should you consider when shopping? tips and recipes. Hardly any ingredient is as versatile as tofu. It can be eaten fried or grilled, pan-fried or raw, … Read more

VfL-Frauen: The championship is within reach | – Sports

Status: 04.05.2022 21:04 VfL Wolfsburg footballers can cool the championship champagne. On Wednesday evening, the “wolves” won 5-1 (3-1) at SGS Essen and have two games before the end of the season with a four-point lead over pursuers FC Bayern Munich. The starting point speaks clearly for the women of VfL. They could become ‘on … Read more

Michael Schiele: Braunschweig’s top maker – and promotion coach? | – Sports

Status: 04.05.2022 3:05 p.m. Eintracht Braunschweig are on the verge of returning to the second Bundesliga, thanks in particular to coach Michael Schiele. He picked up the “lions” who were lying on the ground after the descent and formed them into a real unit with discipline, but also fairness. by Matthew Heidrich When the ball … Read more

Jansen, entrepreneur and chairman of HSV: it doesn’t work without football | – Sports

Status: 05/02/2022 07:34 Marcell Jansen was a national team player and a regular at Hamburger SV. At 29, he gave up and became an entrepreneur. Today he plays in the Oberliga and is the boss of the club. For the love of football – and HSV. by Andreas Bellinger The ravages of time eat away … Read more

Hansa Rostock is having a successful season in every way | – Sports

Status: 02/05/2022 11:29 You yourself spoke of an “enormous challenge”. But the second division football team Hansa Rostock has mastered this convincingly. The climber celebrated relegation ahead of his own schedule. In addition, many debts have been paid off. by Christian Goertzen When the schedule for the second division was published last summer, there must … Read more

Kiel slows down Bremen – bitter setback in promotion fight | – Sports

To: 04/29/2022 21:46 Werder Bremen had to accept a severe home defeat in the Second Division promotion fight and are cleared of the table lead. After a 2-0 lead, the Hanseatic League lost 2-3 (2-1) against Holstein Kiel. Meanwhile, the “Storks” can hope for safe relegation. by Matthew Heidrich From Bremen’s point of view, this … Read more

50 years ago: HSV legend Uwe Seeler’s farewell game – Sports

Status: 04/30/2022 10:14 a.m. HSV legend Uwe Seeler was carried on the shoulders of fans 50 years ago – after his farewell match on May 1, 1972. Half a century later, ‘Us Uwe’ returns to it. by Christian Goertzen No, he wasn’t particularly well the day before, confess Uwe Seeler. Just the age, notes the … Read more

“Christiane Möbus. Crossing the North Pole laterally” in Hanover | – culture – art

Status: 04/29/2022 11:11 a.m. On the occasion of her 75th birthday, the Sprengel Museum and the Kunstverein Hannover dedicate the double show “Christiane Möbus. Sideways across the North Pole” to the artist from Lower Saxony. listen to the message 3 minutes by Agnès Bührig It’s as if the devastation of the last hurricane could be … Read more

Eintracht Braunschweig second after beating Magdeburg | – Sports

Status: 29.04.2022 21:06 Eintracht Braunschweig moved into second place with a 2-1 (0-0) win over 1. FC Magdeburg. Lower Saxony now have promotion to the second Bundesliga in their hands. Due to the success against the already established champions on Friday evening, the “Lions” moved ahead of 1. FC Kaiserslautern in the standings. The lead … Read more

VfL Wolfsburg – FC Barcelona: big crowd, small chance | – Sports

Status: 04/29/2022 12:30 p.m. Around 20,000 spectators will support the women of VfL Wolfsburg in the Champions League against FC Barcelona. But after the 1:5 in the first leg, VfL need a footballing miracle to qualify for the final. However, the abandonment doesn’t apply to VfL, who could have lost a lot more a week … Read more