Strawberry Kefir Shake: A delicious slurp to keep in shape

Updated: 04/30/2022 – 19:09 live healthy Delicious fitness booster: strawberry kefir shake Photo: EAT CLUB / Isabell Triemer Light and summery: A strawberry kefir shake is good for the palate, body and soul! Some shakes make us fit instead of fat and also taste great – like our Strawberry Kefir Shake. Bring it on! Ingredients … Read more

You should eat more of these varieties

If you want to eat healthily and with as little sugar as possible, you should also pay particular attention to fruit. Many fruits contain a lot more calories than you might think. An overview. It’s no secret that fruits are an integral part of a balanced diet. Finally offers fruit Lots of healthy fibre, secondary … Read more

Cooking at a lower cost: Inexpensive recipes with seasonal vegetables

Apr 27, 2022 @ 8:53am Recipes for little money : Cheap food – tips for cheap and delicious food Seasonal vegetables are healthy and inexpensive. Photo: ZB/Soeren Stache Dusseldorf Cooking cheaply – that doesn’t sound trendy at all for friends of good food. But not only given rising food prices, it makes sense to budget … Read more