Krassnitzer shocked in the cinema: “I needed three glasses of wine” – scene

“Tatort” star Harald Krassnitzer shocks in new film “Tactics” as a brutal hostage taker. “Today” met the actor for an interview. Crime fans know him as the bizarre “crime scene” inspector Moritz Eisner. For the new film “Tactics”, which will be released in Austrian cinemas on Friday May 6, Harald Krassnitzer has changed sides and … Read more

“Memoria” in the cinema: Big Bang Theory – culture

More than fifty times, the industry newspaper Variety counted, the disturbing “bang” can be heard in this film, which assails Jessica every day. At first she is awakened from it, she crosses the nocturnal room and looks out the window. Outside, the parking lot with a dozen cars, their headlights start flashing in fear, the … Read more

New to film & streaming: Which movies are worth – and which aren’t – culture

When Susan Sontag sat in the audience Susan Vahabzadeh: PR Bald recreated the world’s most famous panel discussion from April 1971 – himself as Norman Mailer takes on four feminists who tear him apart for his theses in “The Prisoner of Sex”, especially Germaine Greer (Saralisa Volm). You know exactly who was yelling at who, … Read more

“Sigmund Freud” at the cinema: On the sofa – culture

There is a nice anecdote from Billy Wilder about his attempt to interview Sigmund Freud as a young journalist in Vienna. It was around 1925 or 1926, Wilder later recalled in an interview. He went to Berggasse 19, where the famous doctor first made him wait in the living room. Then Freud came home from … Read more

“Haute Couture” in the cinema: Suddenly a princess – culture

The elegantly dressed woman stands out in the metro, so far from the center, on the way to the Parisian suburbs. Two young men of Arab origin are seated opposite Esther (Nathalie Baye), scrutinize the rich lady and want to test her. The coat must have been expensive, so they could smell it – someone … Read more

Finally Eberhofer again! / GUGLHUPFgeschwader hits theaters August 4

28/04/2022 – 11:00 Constantin Movie Munich (ots) The Eberhofer is finally back: After the great success of the previous films, the last three of which (“Sauerkrautkoma”, “Leberkäsjunkie” and “Kaiserschmarrndrama”) each brought together more than a million viewers, the cult detective series follows suit not GUGLHUPF SQUADRON now in the eighth round of cinema. This time, … Read more

Gaspar Noé’s dementia drama “Vortex” hits theaters

OWe have it well,” said the old woman to her husband on the balcony. She provided crackers and wine. The couple clink glasses with small crystal glasses above the leaden gray roofs of Paris. The spring breeze carries what one might take for hope, but it is the breeze before the storm in whose eddies … Read more

“Downton Abbey II” at the cinema: Only Maggie Smith is enthusiastic | – culture – cinema

To: 04/28/2022 17:46 After six seasons and a feature film in 2019, “Downton Abbey II – A New Era” is coming to theaters. The story, however, as fans know and love it, seems to be fully told. listen to the message 4 minutes by Anna Wollner What joy were fans of “Downton Abbey” when, after … Read more

“The wonderful world of Louis Wain” at the cinema: cat party – culture

The movie “The Wonderful World of Louis Wain” is nothing for cat haters, who probably couldn’t be consoled with Benedict Cumberbatch and Claire Foy in a double pack. It is about the invention of the cat as a pet, or more precisely: as a cute and life-determining domestic tyrant. Cumberbatch has fully grasped the essence … Read more

“Vortex” by Gaspar Noé at the cinema: At the end alone – culture

An attic apartment in a backyard in Paris, the books are stacked up to the ceiling. On the walls, posters of films and political struggles that have filled two long lives. Works by Fritz Lang and Godard, Renoir and Carl Theodor Dreyer. Slogans against the Vietnam War and for the right to abortion. An old … Read more