Art – with or without Asperger’s Syndrome

Kaltenkirchen Art – with or without Asperger’s Syndrome Updated: 05/05/2022 05:55 | Reading time: 3 minutes The wine merchant and artist Marco Kreuzaler (l.), Markus Ryschka, autistic and artist, and the Hamburg painter Nils Peters (r.). Photo: Annabell Behrmann A wine merchant from Kaltenkirchen shows in an exhibition what inclusion means in painting. =tqbo dmbttµ#bsujdmf“mpdbujpo#?Lbmufoljsdifo/’octq´=0tqbo?Wps … Read more

“Dressed”: 200 years of fashion at MK&G | – culture – art

Status: 02/26/2022 07:50 The new exhibition “Dressed” at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe shows social change based on the wardrobe of seven very different women: 200 years of fashion, from couture to punk. listen to the message 3 minutes by Kerry Rugemer A tight and sexy mini dress in silver metal – it’s only … Read more

“Christiane Möbus. Crossing the North Pole laterally” in Hanover | – culture – art

Status: 04/29/2022 11:11 a.m. On the occasion of her 75th birthday, the Sprengel Museum and the Kunstverein Hannover dedicate the double show “Christiane Möbus. Sideways across the North Pole” to the artist from Lower Saxony. listen to the message 3 minutes by Agnès Bührig It’s as if the devastation of the last hurricane could be … Read more