“Memoria” in the cinema: Big Bang Theory – culture

More than fifty times, the industry newspaper Variety counted, the disturbing “bang” can be heard in this film, which assails Jessica every day. At first she is awakened from it, she crosses the nocturnal room and looks out the window. Outside, the parking lot with a dozen cars, their headlights start flashing in fear, the … Read more

New to film & streaming: Which movies are worth – and which aren’t – culture

When Susan Sontag sat in the audience Susan Vahabzadeh: PR Bald recreated the world’s most famous panel discussion from April 1971 – himself as Norman Mailer takes on four feminists who tear him apart for his theses in “The Prisoner of Sex”, especially Germaine Greer (Saralisa Volm). You know exactly who was yelling at who, … Read more

“Sigmund Freud” at the cinema: On the sofa – culture

There is a nice anecdote from Billy Wilder about his attempt to interview Sigmund Freud as a young journalist in Vienna. It was around 1925 or 1926, Wilder later recalled in an interview. He went to Berggasse 19, where the famous doctor first made him wait in the living room. Then Freud came home from … Read more

Pope: “Orders are patrons of art and culture”

Francis highlighted the cultural work of religious communities. The recognition took place during a 2-day congress, which focused on the preservation of the cultural heritage of religious orders. On the World Day for Consecrated Life, Francis urged religious not to seek success and visibility. “The Spirit wants us to exercise daily faithfulness and care for… … Read more

32nd Daun Culture Circle Exhibition: What Visitors Can Experience

May 4, 2022 at 12:14 p.m. art : Why the 32nd exhibition of the cultural group Daun is an artistic calling card for the Eifel Photo: Angelika Koch down At the 32nd annual Daun Cultural Group Exhibition at the Vulkaneifel District Savings Bank, almost fifty works exhibit very high-quality paintings, graphics and sculptures. satF arw … Read more

The art of Odenwald stone in its purest form

The art of Odenwald stone in its purest form please disable your ad blocker Your ad blocker is currently enabled. To access the news portal and view the content, you have the following two options: Disable ad blocker Disable your ad blocker or set an exception rule for this website. or Take out a PUR … Read more

“Haute Couture” in the cinema: Suddenly a princess – culture

The elegantly dressed woman stands out in the metro, so far from the center, on the way to the Parisian suburbs. Two young men of Arab origin are seated opposite Esther (Nathalie Baye), scrutinize the rich lady and want to test her. The coat must have been expensive, so they could smell it – someone … Read more

Yves Saint Laurent in Paris: Is fashion art? – Culture

Two tiles, black, red and blue, yellow and green grid. Both works are fabric, one is art, the other is a dress. The painting is by Piet Mondrian, the stiff and hasty dress was designed by Yves Saint Laurent. It looks like the head and legs are sticking out of the stretcher and canvas like … Read more

Ebbes von Hei organizes evenings with culinary delights, art and art in Merzig

April 29, 2022 at 3:20 p.m. Series of beautiful things from the region at “Ebbes von hei!” : A pleasant spectacle for all the senses The culinary event in Merzig offers a six-course menu. Photo: primipil – stock.adobe.com/Max Merzig The regional initiative “Ebbes von Hei!” invites you to the first gastronomic event with music, magic … Read more

English nobility at the Astor cinema in Braunschweig

Braunschweig movie scene English nobility at the Astor cinema in Braunschweig 04/28/2022, 05:48 PM | Reading time: 3 minutes Groomed on the tennis court: At Downton Abbey, fun is a top priority. The film scene stars (left to right): Harry Hadden-Paton as Bertie Pelham, Laura Carmichael as Lady Edith, Tuppence Middleton as Lucy Smith and … Read more