Sustainable cooking at less than a euro per plate, that’s how it works

low budget kitchen
This is how a good kitchen works for less than one euro per plate – and it’s also sustainable

One-euro ecological recipes

Food blogger Hanna Olvenmark’s recipes aren’t just cheap, they’re also good for the environment.

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Healthy cooking doesn’t have to be expensive. Swedish food blogger Hanna Olvenmark is passionate about cooking as cheaply as possible. For less than one euro, it fills the plate in a climate-neutral way.

Is greed cool after all? When it comes to food, quality should come before price whenever possible. After all, food is the body’s fuel. Nevertheless, it was the Swedish superstar of sustainable cooking, Hanna Olvenmark, who made greed her life philosophy. Because, as she writes in her new cookbook, “we consume as if there were no tomorrow and we draw on capital that will soon no longer exist”. So, she thinks, there should be stinginess – in terms of resources. The 33-year-old young woman reveals how it works in her new cookbook “Sustainable cooking for less than 1 euro”.

It started with Nepal. Two years ago, Olvenmark wanted to aim high. She wanted to go to Mount Everest. But she lacked money, a lot of money. She had five months to gather the necessary pennies, so she made a detailed plan, doubled every penny, and succeeded. “In many ways, this hike is a symbol of what I stand for today,” she says. Because there in the mountains, she wondered what was really important to her and made the decision to quit her job and devote herself entirely to a project she had initiated before.

Save the world with low budget recipes

The young Swede had long since set out to clean up a fairy tale. The fairy tale that healthy eating is not possible without a bulging wallet, while fast food comes with the “cheap” attribute. “It really bothers me that cheap and unhealthy are used almost synonymously. Classic poor man’s food has never been unhealthy,” says Olvenmark. She rolled up her sleeves and got to work. Olvenmark has developed climate-neutral recipes that cost a maximum of one euro per serving and have published them on their food blog “Portionen Under Tian”. He made the Swede famous in her home country.

The most popular recipes plus a few new creations have now been pressed between two book covers. Since these are low-budget recipes, but sustainable meat consumption is not possible at these prices, all recipes are vegetarian, many even vegan. The collection includes dishes such as lentil stroganoff, black bean burgers and kale quiche. When guests arrive, cheap tacos are served and the coconut milk curry fits in the lunch box. There are also instructions for baking rolls, spreads, porridge and smoothies. A total of 50 recipes belong to the collection.

Climate-neutral kitchen for little money

In addition to the dishes, there are also useful tips and tricks for handling food in the book. Because food waste is not only an environmental sin, but also a waste of money. Therefore, she opens the pantry and reveals what ingredients should be there – starting with sources of protein and carbohydrates, fats, fruits and vegetables, sauces and condiments. She also explains how to shop economically and provides help with shopping lists that allow you to shop for less than 30 euros a week. She also reveals why it’s nerve-wracking to always shop at the same supermarket, why spontaneity is the antagonist of all frugality, and why everyone should set a goal. “Do you want to reduce your working hours, buy a horse, make a deposit on a condominium, take a trip through Europe, visit friends in Lisbon, save money on holidays for the summer ?” asks Olvenmark. “I did it – so you will too:”

Sustainable kitchen for less than 1 euro“, the third book by food blogger and nutritionist Hanna Olvenmark, has been published by Südwest Verlag, 160 pages, 18 euros.

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