Spvgg Sonnenberg out of the race?

After 1-0 at FC Naurod in front of 450 fans, it is no longer possible to win the Oberliga title alone – the way to the group league seems clear for Turkish SV.

Nauroden's wall is standing.  Even with this free kick, Spvgg.Sonnenberg couldn't pass.  Photo: rscp/Johannes Lay

Nauroden’s wall is standing. Even with this free kick, Spvgg.Sonnenberg couldn’t pass.
(Photo: rscp/Johannes Lay)

WIESBADEN – In the showpiece game of the Oberliga Wiesbaden football district, FC Naurod beat Spvgg Sonnenberg and climbed to second place in the standings. A special action in the fight against blood cancer – initiated by Naurods Benedikt Blumschein – also gave the top game in front of 450 spectators a very special character. The Sonnenbergers can no longer win the title on their own, the way to the group league seems clear for Turkish SV.

FC Naurod against Sonnenberg 1-0 (0-0). – In front of around 450 spectators, which was impressive for the amateur peloton, the hosts secured a very narrow victory against their table rivals Spitzkippel. The man of the match was Dominik Elberskirch, who diverted the ball from Sonnenberg goalkeeper Paul Kottek (59) after a press kick. “It was a pure energetic performance from him,” FCN spokesman Eduard Schreiner said of the striker, who replaced injured captain Marius Wanke just before the break. In a hard-fought game, but with few chances, they were “lucky, but not unduly successful”. Sonnenberg player coach Andre Meudt, whose side were denied a suspected offside shortly before the end, was certain: “This game didn’t deserve a winner, in fact a typical 0-0. ” As part of the district premier league cracker, one of the actions against blood cancer had also taken place: In a pavilion of the German Bone Marrow Donor Center (DKMS), interested persons could be typed in order to possibly become rescuers in the future. Schreiner: “I’m surprised how many people participated. The Sonnenbergers were also very supportive.

Free Gymnastics – SV Erbenheim 1:5 (0:3). – “We gave ourselves several goals, so to speak,” said FTW coach Tobias Neumann. “So we spoil our good first series a bit with our own mistakes, it’s been like that for a few weeks.” Goals: Burggraf / Clemens (2), F. Elbakkaoui, Ouadah, Clay.

SC Meso-Nassau – Turkish SV 0:15 (0:9). – The table manager did his duty without any problem. Goals: El Mahaoui (3), Andreas (2), Icli (2), Lamsamri (2), Raspaglia, Nocera, Tutkun, Kieltyka, Cengizhan, Yildiz.

FC Freudenberg – SV Kostheim 12 4:1 (2:1). – With two goals early in the game and one very late, the hosts have secured all three against their basement neighbors and can therefore continue to hope to hold on to the league. After just two and six minutes, Ziyavene Malungu scored with a lightning double. Christian Herrmann (53rd) answered the goal of the guests by Ramazan Dagdas (30th). Shortly before the end, Mathias Raffauf finally put the cover (90 + 1).

TuS Nordenstadt – SC Kohlheck 1:4 (1:0). – Despite leading 1-0 at the break, the hosts let the butter take their breath away. “We didn’t put our power on the road today. Certainly, the opponent was more biting and had the greatest will to take something with him,” explained Ronald Wendel, coach of TuS Nordenstadt. “Overall, we justifiably lost. Goals: Khababa/Michele Freibuchner (2), Schneeweis, Falica.

SC Klarenthal – SV Frauenstein 3:0 (3:0). – The game was already decided at half time, in the second half the home side closed the gap and didn’t allow anything more. However, SCK coach Asmelash Woldemicael criticized the chances his players used: “We had enough chances to win 7-0 here.” However, he praised his defensive midfielder Kubilay Temel: “He showed an outstanding performance.” Goals: 1-0 Dagdevir (16th), 2-0 (24th), 3-0 (40th) both Sakar.

TSG Kastel 46 – FC Morocco 4:2 (2:0). – In the duel between table neighbors, the hosts presented in the person of Davin Dzaka (30th / 39th), Mohammed Laaroussi also equalized with a double (47th / 54th). Dzaka’s third goal (77′) and Amin El Khabazi’s last point (90’+2′) kept Kastel’s three points.

SKG Karadeniz – TuS Dotzheim 2: 8 (1: 3). – With a clear victory in the penultimate place, Dotzheim keeps its chances of staying in the league. Goals: Sevinc, Gündüz/Kasilmis (2), Buchholz, Güngör, Roubiou, Klemm, Vukovic, Alkin.

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