Second-hand fashion: At Armedangels you can now also buy (sell) second-hand clothes

Fair fashion brand Armedangels is now launching a resale platform to promote a resource-efficient approach to fashion. You can learn more about the platform and background here.

Armedangels is not your traditional fast fashion brand. On the contrary: in the range you will find clothes made from recycled and certified organic materials. Moreover, the company with the GOTS-Seal certified and member of Fair Wear Foundation. Nevertheless, of course, this environmentally conscious clothing production with the release of CO2-Emissions bound together. Even if you already buy mostly fair fashion, you should also make sure to wear clothes for as long as possible or keep them in the cycle.

Armedangels has now developed a used system for this. The resale platform will be available from March 22, where you can sell your second-hand clothes yourself or buy second-hand fashion. You can also send broken textiles. The fashion company wants to recycle and reuse them. Important: Both the second-hand trade and the recycling concern only Armedangels clothing.

Flea market at Armedangels: That’s what’s behind it

With the new resale platform, Armedangels wants to work more efficiently in terms of resources.
With the new resale platform, Armedangels wants to work more efficiently in terms of resources. (Photo: armed angels)

According to a report by McKinsey & Company, the fashion industry generates approximately 40 million tons of textile waste every year. These are usually not recycled, but simply incinerated. This waste of resources promotes global warming and harms biodiversity. After all, this means that large quantities of raw materials (like cotton) are always needed, which requires a lot of space and water to grow. In addition, the processing of textiles requires a lot of energy.

Armedangels now wants to do something to counter this: With the help of the new resale platform, the fashion brand wants to ensure that undamaged clothes from its brand, but also materials from broken clothes, remain in the chain. valuable.

To sell you, Armedangels, in cooperation with, offers you your clothes at no additional cost to send. The fashion brand offers intact clothes for sale directly in the thrift store. Armedangels sends broken textiles for recycling. In both cases, you will receive a voucher for the company’s online store as a thank you. The prices of the second-hand clothes on offer start at just over 20 euros for certain models. Here you come to the shop for Women- and men’s clothes.

Second-hand fashion: other online shops

You can also return your used clothes to the nearest thrift store.
You can also return your used clothes to the nearest thrift store. (Photo: CC0/Pixabay/boutiquegirlish21)

In addition to the new Armedangels resale store, you can also buy or sell used clothing from other online stores:

  • to Momox you can sell used clothes at a fixed price. To do this, you enter some data about the garment. The purchase price will then be displayed to you. Momox will transfer the prize directly to your bank account or give you a voucher. on Momox Fashion you can buy second-hand fashion. Here you can get t-shirts, pants and tops from just eight euros. Items from more expensive fashion brands in good condition are sometimes sold for between 80 and 120 euros.
  • At Vinted, you can sell your own clothes and set your own prices. If you want to buy items yourself, you can contact the seller and possibly negotiate the price again.
  • Here we introduce you to other portals: Buy second-hand clothes: here you will find what you are looking for online and offline.

It’s even more ecological if you simply drop off your used clothes on foot or by bike at the nearest thrift store. This way you avoid long transport routes by post and thus the release of CO2-Emissions.

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