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Matthias Ginter’s sensational return to SC Freiburg is perfect. The transfer reflects both the identity of the club and the player and sends a great signal to all football fans. A commentary by Sky editor Udo Hutflötz.

Bayern Munich, Aston Villa (Premier League), Barcelona (La Liga), Juventus, Inter and AS Roma (all in Serie A) – the list of possible prospects for Matthias Ginter was long and growing ever since the announcement of his arrival. Borussia Mönchengladbach in the summer is left free, pulled out of the drawer again and again.

But since Wednesday, it’s clear: none of the clubs mentioned will be Ginter’s next step. The German national player will instead join his former club SC Freiburg from next season. A surprising decision – but only at first sight! Because if you focus the magnifying glass on the club and the player, you will see an almost unique symbiosis.

Ginter’s return suits Freiburg

On the one hand there is SC Freiburg, a club that is one of the most popular and friendliest clubs in Germany – not just because of its coach Christian Streich, who is unique in a positive way. The SC continues to be characterized by continuity and pragmatism – attributes which are viewed favorably in the increasingly glamorous world of football. In the increasingly isolated sector of football, they still represent a kind of closeness to supporters and identification.

There is no doubt that the signing of a seasoned Bundesliga and domestic player with extensive international experience was also done for sporting reasons. After all, SC will most likely be represented at international level in the coming season – maybe even in the Champions League for the first time. A player like Ginter helps, of course, especially since the departure of Nico Schlotterbeck (to BVB) must be absorbed.

Ginter resists big bucks

But beyond the sporting side, Ginter’s transfer is a jackpot for all football romantics. Instead of the big money, which would certainly have beckoned to either party, the 28-year-old decided to return to his youth club and home country after eight years – and that at the time. age of the best footballer and not only at the end of the fall of his career.

Ginter thus resisted the “always higher, faster, further” of the modern football world – and made a decision with heart. It also reflects his character. Not only since its appearance in the sky On the show “My Story”, Ginter was known as a down-to-earth, intelligent person and footballer.

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”My story – the life of…” Presenter Riccardo Basile meets Matthias Ginter, who gives a private insight. (Duration of the video: 25:13 min.).

Ginter with great ties to Freiburg

The footballer is now married to his childhood sweetheart Christina, who comes from the same village near Freiburg and with whom Ginter also has a son – also a sign of the continuity that Ginter represents.

He never lost his connection with his hometown of Freiburg on other levels either, which shows his social commitment in and around Freiburg. He works there with the foundation he founded with his wife, in particular for sick, socially and/or physically disadvantaged children. When he talks about his foundation and the children affected, it’s clear to see how the situation is affecting him. Ginter is not only a footballer, but also a person.

Footballers’ salary: Ginter with a clear opinion

He also highlighted this past year with his statement that footballers earn too much. The 28-year-old’s attitude caused a big wave, which surprised him. In fact, everyone should see it that way compared to other professions, was his clear opinion, which deserves great respect. His current decision to return to Brisgau and resist big money from the Premier League or Serie A shows that what he said back then was not just empty words.

Ginter sticks to what he said and what he embodies – down to earth and humility. And that’s exactly what his return to SC Freiburg shows. A club that represents the same noble attributes as Ginter.

Freiburg and Ginter – it’s okay, regardless of sporting success! That’s why there’s only one thing left to say: Hats off to SC Freiburg, Hats off to Matthias Ginter – and long live the football romance!

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