Sat.1 brings two former GZSZ stars back to TV

In the early 2000s, so-called telenovelas entered the German television landscape. Sat.1 is now bringing back two of the best known to the program and in doing so, ensures the return of two former GZSZ stars to free-to-air television.

gzsz special poster
gzsz special poster

In November 2004, ZDF set new standards with the evening series “Bianca – Wege zum Glück”: The first telenovela on German television was born. The novel series format, which includes a larger story arc than the regular daily newspaper and is produced for a limited time, quickly became very popular. While ZDF launched a follow-up series (“Julia – Wege zum Glück”) due to its success, the other stations also followed suit: “Verliebt in Berlin”, “Lotta in Love” or “Sturm der Liebe” has certainly one or already heard the other.

Sat 1 now focuses on feelings of nostalgia and brings back two popular telenovelas to the program. In addition to the old episodes of “Verliebt in Berlin”, reruns of “Anna und die Liebe” also have a fixed slot on the private broadcaster. While Lisa Plenske from “Verliebt in Berlin” has turned into an early bird and already everyone Saturday morning from 5:35 a.m. with six episodes that sparkle on the screens, “Anna and Love” has provided since April 30 directly after, Saturday from 8:15 a.m., for Big Feelings – with four episodes a week in a row (via TV Wishlist).

“Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” is not a telenovela, but it takes a similar line. In the video you can find out what happened to the former GZSZ stars:

Former GZSZ stars: Alexandra Neldel and Jeanette Biedermann’s return to television

Due to reruns, two former GZSZ stars can now be seen regularly on television: Alexandra Neldel played the role of Katja Wettstein for three years in the late 1990s, while Jeanette Biedermann played Marie Balzer until 2004 in the busy daily RTL success. Both actresses eventually landed lead roles in a telenovela.

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As shy Lisa Plenske, Alexandra Neldel made her way through the fashion metropolis of Berlin and eventually found her true love in David Seidel. Jeanette Biedermann becomes the muse of “Anna und die Liebe” and embodies a young Berliner who dreams of a career in an advertising agency. Jeanette Biedermann is now mainly active as a presenter and recently participated in the 6th season of “The Masked Singer”. Neldel continues to work as an actress and was last seen in the ZDF TV movie “Die Sterntaler des Glücks”.

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