Sad but true – Netflix canceled the series

Space Force Season 2 is available to watch on Netflix and all seven episodes end open enough for another season. But it still doesn’t go any further.

Space Force Season 1 Poster
Space Force poster

“Space Force” is destined to be a big hit, as only the star cast tells us. Season 1 didn’t exactly go well and reviews were mixed. Netflix took a long time to order the new season and only gave the format seven episodes instead of ten. However, no sequel would have been truly brutal and felt like a complete series, so fans can be happy that Space Force season 2 is at least live, albeit shorter. Whether this cut is due to pandemic restrictions or as a result of creative choice remains unclear.

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Space Force Season 3: It’s over!

The possibility of rewatching new episodes depends solely on the evaluation of the streaming provider. And that stems primarily from subscribers’ access to streaming. The series was therefore on more fragile ground than the existence of Space Force itself. And fact: the popularity of satire was not enough to sustain it. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix will no longer continue the series.

As Express wrote, the second season only required a month of filming and could be produced in Vancouver for less. Nevertheless, the series was probably too expensive for the provider, especially due to the high star fees. Fans should therefore be brave and put hope for new episodes in a small rocket and send it into space.

In any case, the end has in store for us a magnificent final gag and on the occasion of this one everyone now: “Aruba, Jamaica,…”

The final scene might just be the series finale, sad as it is, but the future of the Space Force team is now easy to imagine for yourself. Of course, it would have been a lot more fun to see how they have to fend off the threat they just spotted from Earth, and what steps they think of first to do so. Steve Carell and Greg Daniels certainly had ideas and plans, but now we have to wait for a new project that will make our funny bones work.

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