Pope: “Orders are patrons of art and culture”

Francis highlighted the cultural work of religious communities. The recognition took place during a 2-day congress, which focused on the preservation of the cultural heritage of religious orders.

Silvia Kritzenberger – Vatican City

“Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life have been and continue to be promoters of art and culture at the service of faith, guardians of an important part of the Church’s cultural heritage and of humanity: archives, books, artistic works and liturgical works, builds itself,” Francis told representatives of the Order on Wednesday.

The pope’s message took place during the 2-day international congress “Charisma and Creativity. Cataloging, management and innovative projects for the cultural heritage of consecrated communities”. The theme: visualize and preserve the cultural heritage of religious orders. Not only the maintenance of heritage, difficult due to the lack of descendants and the aging of many religious communities, is mentioned, but also the administration and use of closed buildings. For example, cataloging and photographic documentation of cultural property should be promoted together.

Attention to the Stewardship of the Temporal Assets of the Church

“From the beginning of my pontificate, I have called attention to the stewardship of the Church’s temporal goods, convinced that, like the faithful and prudent steward, it is his duty to take care of what belongs to him. is entrusted (cf. Lk 12:42), the Church is also aware of her responsibility to protect and carefully manage her goods – in the light of her evangelizing mission and with special attention to the needy,” Francis summed up.

preservation and renewal

The very title of the conference, “Charism and Creativity”, shows “that the need, even sometimes the burden, of preservation can become an opportunity to renew one’s charism, to rethink it, to rethink it in the current socio-cultural context and for … planning for the future,” the Pope told representatives of the Order.

Francis described the sale of cultural property as a “particularly sensitive and complex issue”. Instead of acting hastily here, the church leader warned of “caution and prudence”. It is precisely through the use of real estate that the Church and the ecclesial communities “could bear good witness and proclaim the possibility of an economy of culture, solidarity and hospitality”, concluded the Pope.

(vatican news – skr)

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