Marshall Emberton II & Willen: IP67 Bluetooth speakers with battery mode and app

Marshall Headphones is launching two new portable Bluetooth speakers. While the Emberton II begins as the successor to the Emberton (test) released in 2020, the Will is new to the lineup. Both are waterproof and are based on the brand’s well-known design. Stack mode, which connects multiple speakers together, is new.

Emberton II with small technical adjustments

With the Emberton II, not much has changed in key speaker data. The new model also measures 68×160×76mm and weighs 700 grams like its predecessor. Two 10 watt amplifiers are again responsible for the sound. Marshall also respecs the sensitivity of the two 2-inch full-range drivers and two passive cones at 87dB SPL and the frequency range is unchanged from 60Hz to 20kHz. In terms of radio technology, however, Bluetooth 5.1 is now offered instead of Bluetooth 5.0. Emberton’s IPX7 certification has also been extended to IP67 dust (dustproof) rating for the Emberton II. The speaker can therefore be temporarily submerged – 30 minutes in one meter deep water is no problem.

App, battery mode and more battery life

Completely new for the Emberton II, on the other hand, is app support, which also enables over-the-air firmware updates, and the stack mode mentioned at the start for speaker pairing. According to Marshall, battery life has also been increased by 50%. Instead of 20 hours, the speaker should now hold up to 30 hours without recharging. Charging the battery fully takes approximately 3 hours. A quick charge mode ensures that after 20 minutes the energy is replenished for around 4 hours of playing time. Charging is done via USB-C.

The recommended retail price of the Emberton II is 169 euros. It is available from today.

Marshall’s smallest: will

The New Testament, on the other hand, is significantly smaller at 101.6×100.5×40.4mm and is Marshall’s smallest model. A rubber strap for attachment should make it even more versatile. It weighs 310 grams. The 10-watt Class-D amplifier and 2-inch dual-diaphragm passive full-range speaker have a frequency response of 100 Hz to 20 kHz. The sensitivity is 82 dB. Bluetooth 5.1 is used for wireless transmission. A microphone in the loudspeaker theoretically also allows telephony via this.

Waterproof and dustproof

The Will is also IP67 protected against dust and water. According to the manufacturer, the battery life is up to 15 hours. 20 minutes of charging provides 3 hours of battery life and a full charge takes approximately 3 hours. The small model is also charged via USB-C.

The smaller speaker can also be paired with other speakers via battery mode, which is activated directly on the device, in order to play music together. The will can also be linked to the Marshall app.

The Marshall Willen is available now, the recommended retail price is 99 euros.

ComputerBase received information about this item from Marshall Headphones under NDA. The only requirement was the earliest possible release date.

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