Lou Geldermann’s kitchen photos whet the appetite for art

Exhibition at the Schwarzer Adler in Rheinberg
Kitchen photos whet your appetite for art

Artichokes, tomatoes, fish, aubergines and a princess and the pea: Vierbaumerin Lou Geldermann paints almost anything that can be boiled, roasted or baked. His works can be seen in the Schwarzer Adler from Saturday.

The people of Bas-Rhin are cooking people, it is said. Lou Geldermann is definitely a cook: having coffee with friends between the sink, the stove and the fridge, chatting a bit – she likes to do that. Because in fact, she always has something to say, because she has somehow always experienced something.

Lou Geldermann is a Baerlerin, but has lived in Vierbaum for what seems like forever, a stone’s throw from the Schwarzer Adler. It’s actually funny that she’s only showing her creative side now for the first time. In the bar where she worked for a while 40 years ago and where she likes to have a beer or something to eat with her husband Klaus. Now she shows 39 of her photos there. kitchen pictures.

The kitchen is a special place for the 67-year-old retired social worker. Because she likes to cook and because she knows the herbs. From time to time, she offers herbal walks for the adult education center, then she picks wild garlic, sage, mint, watercress, mugwort or nettle, buckthorn, primrose or sunflower and explains what these plants are used for.

In the Adler she puts very different things on the plate, in the bowl, on the table. She called an image “Tomates” in which she was based on Henri Matisse’s “Red Interior Still Life”. She is very fond of the French painter. Eggplants also hang on the wall, as do artichokes and oysters, then fruity strawberries in a white container. He travels the wide world of culinary delights. “Three fish on seaweed” is the name of an image, “Blue trout” is another. And a kohlrabi looks like an orbiting meteorite. The picture is called “Sputnik”.

“I didn’t call it that,” says Lou Geldermann, whose real name is Ludgera and who regularly takes painting lessons with Franziskus Wendels in Daun in the Eifel. Keeping in mind a beautiful tradition cultivated by Paul Klee, the paintings are baptized there. Geldermann: “Paul Klee showed his pictures to people and wanted to know what they saw in them and what they would call them. Someone recognized his kohlrabi as a Sputnik.

The very reduced paintings are particularly beautiful, which the painter finds herself, one is called “The Princess with a Pea”: light background, white plate, a single green pea placed on it.

“Taking simple, reduced and abstract forms – that’s what I want to do”, says the amateur painter. As a child, she painted and since 2005 has regularly used brushes and an easel. Meanwhile in his own studio in his house. She started with watercolors, then moved on to acrylics. His photos also hang in his own kitchen.

She’s a little nervous when she thinks about Saturday, admits Vierbaum’s wife. Afterwards, his exhibition will be inaugurated at the Schwarzer Adler. It is her first that she draws alone. Once she hung her pictures in her office at work, once she took part in a VHS group show. But alone – it’s all new. That’s why she looks forward to it. Ingrid Lohmann-Küppers, who takes care of the exhibitions at the Schwarzer Adler together with Ulrike Bröcking, will welcome the guests. After opening, the whole Adler becomes a kitchenette. All you have to do is wish them “bon appetit”.

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