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Marcell Jansen was a national team player and a regular at Hamburger SV. At 29, he gave up and became an entrepreneur. Today he plays in the Oberliga and is the boss of the club. For the love of football – and HSV.

by Andreas Bellinger

The ravages of time eat away at it too, it gets refined here and there and the jersey stretches with age. But having fun with football makes up for it all, says Marcell Jansen. Instead of appearing in Bundesliga stadiums, Germany’s champions, cup winners and 45 national players only pass through villages with Hamburger SV’s third team – but where is the president of the club is still chasing goals in the Oberliga itself?

“Without painkillers and ankle bands, nothing works anymore,” admits the boss of the registered club and the supervisory board of HSV Fußball AG, immediately putting aside any self-pity: “If you know where the goal is most of the time , you can always get the boys give a little more support.”

major leaguesspieler Jansen: don’t be the boss

In his best days as a professional with Borussia Mönchengladbach, FC Bayern Munich and finally HSV (242 Bundesliga games), it was Jansen’s job to prevent goals, which he usually did well at the level. international.

Today, the 36-year-old prefers a bit more calm in the storm, less intensive running and tends to avoid long distances. His team’s second top scorer is the left-hander. Recently, he even scored a hat-trick against VfL in Hamburg’s Lohbrügge district.

Jansen: “Mr. Völler can do it”

Even today, in the villages, he lives his sport as much as he does as a professional in the Bundesliga. After all, he’s still on “a very, very high salary – meaning none at all”, as he laughs. “I didn’t turn my back on football, for God’s sake. I made a different career decision. It’s a huge difference,” Jansen said.

“Actually, I never liked the football business.”
Former professional Marcell Jansen

Because Rudi Völler can blaspheme all he wants. The world champion once expressed his incomprehension that Jansen ended his professional career at the age of 29 without necessity or serious injuries. “Anyone who does something like that has never liked football,” said the former national coach. What the critic confidently replied: “Mr. Völler can do that. I don’t blame him, he’s a great guy and very important for the Bundesliga.”

Expert in medical insoles

At what was supposed to be the finest age as a footballer, Jansen ditched his boots and turned into an entrepreneur in 2015 after his contract with HSV expired. He could have continued to play in the Bundesliga or abroad for a salary of millions. Instead, he decided to start at his desk. In a prime location in central Hamburg, he became a partner in a medical supply store and became an expert in medical insoles.

Fast-track entry into the HSV conference room

“I’d rather fail,” he once described his intention in the “Tagesspiegel,” “than be a weary shop investing in 50 things in the hope that two will blow up and you’ll make your profit.” Sport, the art of living, health and digital are his themes: “I only do things that I can identify with one hundred percent.”

In any case, Jansen never wanted to become a coach, manager or television pundit like national record holder Lothar Matthäus and other of his former colleagues. Instead, he didn’t have to be asked for long and joined struggling second division HSV as an official at the very top of the executive tier.

Love-hate relationship with the football industry

He did not regret the early end of his professional career. Jansen wanted to get back to his hobby, which he lost when it became his job at the age of 18: “It’s actually the reason why we all play football, let’s pursue this passion on the pitch football pitches or amateur sports fields.

Somehow, Völler’s rude words held a grain of truth. “Actually, I never liked the world of football,” Jansen said. He probably accepted it, after all this stuff made a lot of things possible for him.

the house as a model

The critical distance he has maintained over the years may have its roots in his parents’ upbringing. Take off, lose your footing? How could the native of Mönchengladbach look in the mirror when “my mother went out at five in the morning and my father is already at half past four to go to work?”

“Just because I can play football well, should I suddenly be something better? No, I didn’t know that from my parents’ house.”
Marcel Jansen

He was just extremely lucky with the people around him who advised him in every way (including financially) and sometimes “put one on the lid. I always knew I had my friends, my family and I would always get along in life.”

“HSV doesn’t feel like it’s working at all”

Taking responsibility at HSV (“one of the biggest sports clubs in the world”) has been on his mind for a long time. And he did not hesitate to become the president of the registered association without any official experience and at a relatively young age. Since 2022, he is again at the head of the supervisory board with some influence on the professional department.

“It’s kind of full-time, but it doesn’t feel like work at all,” he says. HSV still has a lot of potential. “We want to exploit that now. Then, at some point, we’ll have a bit more success again.” Just like he is with the league team he’s accepted as a teammate – and isn’t the president.

“As long as it is possible, even with pain, I will do it”, assures the striker. “Because it really fills my heart.” Marcell Jansen seems to have found his way and yet with football.

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