Is “Matze” really coming back? Matthias Ginter before joining SC Freiburg – football

It’s not perfect yet, but according to reports from SWR Sport, Mathias ‘Matze’ Ginter is set to return to SC Freiburg. And it’s more than just a transfer.

All SC Freiburg fans probably remember this goal very well. It’s January 21, 2012, a turning point in football in Brisgau: Christian Streich is on the sidelines for the first time as head coach. SC Freiburg are ranked 18th in the table, the club are five points behind on the safe side – and the new boss a few weeks earlier sidelined the “old guard” of Freiburg kickers. Instead of captain Heiko Butscher or perennial favorite Felix Bastian, Streich relies on the players he has known from “his” A youth. Kickers like Jonathan Schmid or Oliver Sorg. Previously unknown in the world of football. In the 70th minute, it’s still 0-0 – and Christian Streich arrives with a promise for the future: Matthias Ginter, who has just received the Fritz-Walter gold medal for the best young player.

With Ginter and Streich at the turn of Friborg

This corresponds to the picture that the 18-year-old local player, who was still playing offensively at the time, scored the 1-0 winner with a header in the 88th minute and thus led to Freiburg’s big comeback. Freiburg manages to stay in the league, Streich becomes a Freiburg icon and Matthias Ginter keeps the promise of the award in the following years. Converted into a central defender by Christian Streich, the Freibourgese became one of the best defenders in the league, became a national player and in 2014 – although without a match – world champion in Brazil.


Matthias Ginter in the red and black striped jersey of SC Freiburg.  On January 21, 2021, he celebrated his winning goal in the first Bundesliga game against FC Augsburg.  (Photo: imago pictures, IMAGO/Sven Simon)

World Champion, Confederation Cup, DFB Cup, Super Cup – Matthias Ginter has won many titles. And it all started ten years ago with his professional debut at SC Freiburg.

Then he goes to BVB, to the big, wide world of football. Champions League, cup finals, big and small successes with Dortmund and later a transfer to Borussia Mönchengladbach follow. The 18-year-old substitute has now become a seasoned professional. Ginter has been in the business for ten years, although he is still only 28 years old. At the best footballing age, as the saying goes.

A national player for Friborg

When ‘new’ star centre-back Nico Schlotterbeck was linked with BVB at SC Freiburg this year, there was suddenly a buzz in Ginter’s rumor mill. The national player could leave on a free transfer this summer and is linked with well-known clubs such as Inter Milan and AS Roma. But his training club Freiburg also plays for international places – and according to information from SWR Sport, Ginter can imagine a return home. Matthias Ginter wants to leave Mönchengladbach, his contract is about to expire. After his Gladbacher match against RB Leipzig, the rumor spread: Matthias Ginter should go to Freiburg in the evening for the medical examination the next day.

A 28-year-old national player for SC Freiburg – previously hard to imagine with the southern German underdog. And maybe that’s why rumors are so charming. Matthias Ginter would return to Breisgau, to the one who is still on the sidelines today and who trusted him on January 21, 2012 against Augsburg. Even today, a deployment of Matthias Ginter could announce a turning point at SC Freiburg. With the commitment of Ginter, the SCF would prove one thing above all: a large chest and the clear objective of wanting to stay in the first third of the table in the future.

Another turning point in Fribourg?

Otherwise, a long-term commitment from a player of Matthias Ginter’s stature is hard to imagine. Even though ties to Ginter’s homeland should play a major role in a change, ‘Matze’ is still too young to finish his career at the friendly ex-club. At 28, Ginter typically combines the ideal combination of performance and experience.


Matthias Ginter in German national team training gear (Photo: picture-alliance / report services, picture alliance / GES/Markus Gilliar | Markus Gilliar)

District football club SC March named their stadium after former world champion Matthias Ginter. Just outside Freiburg, Ginter started playing football at the age of four.

Ginter’s commitment would be a statement, and at the perfect time – SC Freiburg are making themselves attractive for the future: a new stadium, a place in the cup final, maybe even a Champions League qualification and now a high-level transfer for the coming season: the “small” sports club would send a big signal to the competition – and to its own workforce. It is quite possible that the summer of 2022 in Freiburg will bring far fewer departures than expected. It has been ten years since Matthias Ginter announced the turning point of the Friborg era with his head. The Fribourgeois can once again provide the initial spark for another. With Christian Streich on the sidelines and Ginter on the pitch, the sports club would definitely come full circle.

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