How the popular bee product affects your health and well-being

  • what is made of Dear?
  • Positive impact on the immune system, heart, digestion and much more
  • honey as medicine: Usage tips

Once considered the food of the gods, honey today has the reputation of being a panacea. A lot scientific studies trying to find out how bee products affect health. For example, an Austrian research team investigated whether regular consumption of honey could affect the immune status and well-being of test subjects. Half of the participants were responsible for two tablespoons of honey daily to take – without any other dietary changes. The result: The Defenses increased and also Habits such as improved eating or sleeping habits after the eight-week test phase. Reason enough to take a closer look at the liquid gold of bees.

From flower to bee to spread – how honey is made and what’s in it

A lot of work hides in a honeypot: For 500 grams of flower honey, a bee flies up to about two million flowers. She transports the resulting nectar to her hive, where it is supplied with enzymes, minerals and other important antibacterial substances. So we formed mixture of

  • 80 percent simple sugar
  • 16-20 percent the water
  • up to 245 natural ingredients (vitamins, trace elements, minerals).

The individual composition varies depending on the type of honey: If the sugar content is mostly glucose, honey is creamy to firm – if fructose dominates, it has a more runny consistency. From a scientific point of view, there also seem to be differences between strains when it comes to health effects. However, it is not yet sufficiently clear what exactly it is.

honey for inflammation

the antibacterial property honey is against scientifically proven many times over. Ingredients such as methylglyoxal and hydrogen peroxide, along with the low pH and high sugar content of honey, are thought to be responsible for killing germs. Honey is therefore suitable for Treatment of

  • infections
  • inflammation
  • poorly healed wounds
  • skin problems

The anti-inflammatory effect of honey can be clearly seen on the skin. to pimples or acne the beekeeping product turns into an effective care product. For example, you can distribute it selectively with a cotton swab or spread it over a large area with cinnamon and quark on the affected area. Important: It must only be medicinal honey*because honey, being an untreated natural product, may contain germs.

Honey for the immune system

In the Austrian study, resistance to infections improved by almost 40%. There, natural flower or forest honey was used. In all supported Dear immune system especially when fighting

  • fungal infections
  • some viruses: herpes, chickenpox, shingles, rubella, influenza virus
  • bacteria

Particularly healthy is the New Zealand Manuka Honey. It could even be useful for cancer therapies. In the case of more serious illnesses, however, you should never take honey alone, but always consult the doctor treating you.

Honey as a Home Remedy for Colds and Indigestion

While many health benefits of honey have just been discovered, its curative effect on colds already well known. Medical studies now show that a spoonful of honey in tea, hot or pure milk just as effective can be like antitussive drugs.

Did you know that honey is also good for the gastrointestinal tract? Ingredients such as acids, sugar and minerals rain the digestion and stabilize at the same time the stomach acid. Honey helps relieve stomach pain or other digestive system problems such as gastritis.

In case of colds and gastrointestinal problems, it is worthwhile simply to test whether consuming honey improves symptoms. After all, there are no risky side effects to worry about with the natural product. Nevertheless, the same applies here: bee products do not replace a medical specialist.

honey against obesity

Can we lose weight with honey, even if it is mainly composed of sugar?

A look at the chemical composition can answer this question: fructose and glucose in Dear has one different structure on than industrially produced table sugar. It is believed that our bodies metabolize the sugars in honey differently, which causes cravings less often.

Despite its sweet taste, the sweet bee product can help develop healthier eating habits and thus melt away the pounds. However only in Maen: Although honey is a good substitute for industrial sugar it is, it is always an extremely high calorie food. It should not be consumed excessively and offers no alternative to a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

relaxing honey

Approximately Dear there are many myths. One of them is that it is combined with hot milk in Relaxation and get a better night’s sleep. But Is it really true?

Organic honey box to try or to offer – see here

Unfortunately Nope – the effect of the drink is based on a placebo effect. Although honey and milk contain relaxation-promoting ingredients, they are only present in very small amounts.

applied externally but can certainly honey contribute to relaxation: Slightly aromatic sound The fragrance soothes the senses and ensures a pleasant atmosphere in the room, for example in the form of wax candles. When massage products it also relaxes tense muscles.

Honey for a strong heart

Honey contains the acetylcholine neurotransmitterwhich one to cardiac activity stimulated. This improves blood flow to the heart muscle and indirectly lowers blood pressure. as special effective against high blood pressure the following varieties apply:

  • hawthorn honey
  • dandelion honey
  • phazelia honey
  • milkweed honey

It is still not sufficiently known why honey is so good for the heart and circulation. However, researchers suspect that Global Constellation of Ingredients the hypotensive effect causes.


heart, muscles, digestion – Honey has a positive influence on many body functions. It helps with skin irritations as well as with infections or inflammations. In particular the immunological and antibacterial effect has now been repeatedly proven. In addition, honey provides a healthier alternative to industrial white sugaras long as it is consumed in Maen.

The overall health of honey depends on the type, origin and quality. Next to the New Zealand Manuka Honey is also local organic flower honey often supplied with many valuable ingredients.

As scientists study the effects of bee products more closely, you can help yourself every day with homemade honey recipes. You can find inspiration for it here.

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