Football: TSV Wachtendonk-Wankum WINS 2-0 at RSV Praest

National Football League
TSV Wachtendonk-Wankum quickly clarifies everything

The team scored 2-0 at RSV Praest in the fourth and 13th minutes. After that, the fourth in the table missed a few chances. The unnecessary rear light convinces again with great engagement.

After the first quarter of an hour, fans of national league football team RSV Praest should expect to witness an embarrassment on Saturday. TSV Wachtendonk-Wankum scored twice from the start, the decision had already been made in the 13th minute. In the end, the hosts, useless at the bottom of the table, fought passionately at 0:2 (0:2) – and thus prevented the worst from happening. Yoshinori Nomura (4th) and Markus Müller (13th) scored for the guests.

“We played a really incredible wear of chances. We followed the 1-0 loss against VfL Tönisberg perfectly. At least we scored twice at the start. After that we released until halftime. That’s where RSV Praest came in,” said TSV Wachtendonk-Wankum coach Guido Contrino.

After four minutes, striker Yoshinori Nomura, who showed a strong performance, was able to finish unchallenged just meters from the lead. TSV player Kai Baumeister (8th) attempted a long shot, goalkeeper Dennis Döring parried. But a little later, the goalkeeper made a terrible mistake in misjudging a back pass – Markus Müller took the opportunity to make it 2-0. Philipp Cox (19th) tried again from a distance, but then the level stabilized. “We completely slept during the initial phase. After that, we showed character. Maybe even more would have been possible,” Praester’s assistant coach Marcel Wolters said.

After the substitution, Yoshinori Nomura (48th) could have made it 3-0 from close range, but his shot was not placed enough. Then the RSV got stronger and stronger. Levi Wolters (64th) forced TSV goalkeeper Joshua Claringbold into a save, Nick Konopatzki (68th) missed after a solo down the right flank. Kai Krawanja (70th) took the lead next.

After 71 minutes, Praester Nils Wenk received a yellow-red card for a foul. However, Emmerich’s attacking efforts did not stop. Instead, substitute striker Maximilian Janssen (81st) was knocked down in the penalty area and the referee pointed to the penalty spot. The man who was fouled started on his own, but goalkeeper Claringbold made a sensational save. TSV had plenty of chances in the final stages: Nomura (86′) could have scored to make it 3-0, as could Martin Stroetges (88′) from afar and Kevin Zülsdorf (90′) from a side kick.

“Overall, I’m happy with my team. After two games without a win, we got back on track. But we make our opponents strong by wasting our chances through negligence,” said TSV coach Contrino, who showed great respect for RSV. “They’re a really nice team who get to work week in and week out and are disciplined. I blame him for still having a sense of accomplishment this season,” said Contrino, whose team is fourth in the standings.

For Marcel Wolters, the first goals and the yellow-red card (Wolters: “completely exposed”) were decisive. Nevertheless, his team fought selflessly. “It’s probably because we have a lot of good characters in the team and we get along well. And we’re still passionate about what we do,” he said.

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