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eBay and Zalando with declining sales, refurbished with recycling mode, featured HDE online monitor.

from Florian Treiss May 05, 2022 in News

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After the Corona-era boom, sales at German wine retailers fell by 18% compared to the same period last year – i.e. when the gastronomy was closed. Current consumer uncertainty due to inflation and the war in Ukraine is now causing headaches for industry: when food and energy become significantly more expensive, many people save on things that are not not so necessary, says Monika Reule, managing director of the German Wine Institute (DWI): “Unfortunately, stimulants are also part of it”. But not only the wine industry, but also eBay and Zalando are suffering from the drop in sales. More information about this in our news.

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eBay and Zalando with declining sales, refurbished with recycling fashion

The online marketplace eBay announced a 6% drop in sales in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the same quarter a year earlier and generated $2.5 billion. The volume of goods traded via eBay (GMV) even fell by 20% to $19.4 billion. Profits also fell 16% to $625 million and the number of active customers fell 13% to 142 million. eBay also expects lower sales for the second quarter. Like many other online businesses, eBay has been affected by the Corona boom over the past two years, as many customers now turn away and shop as before.

As well Zalando reports a decline in sales, namely by 1.5 percent to 2.2 billion euros. After all, the gross volume of goods traded through Zalando (GMV) increased slightly by 1% to 3.2 billion euros. According to the company, this difference is mainly due to the change of platform, since 32% of the GMV is already generated via the marketplace by partners. In other words: Zalando sells fewer products itself and increasingly falls back on the role of an intermediary who collects fees. At the same time, there was an operating loss of almost 52 million euros, after an operating profit of 92 million euros in the same quarter of the previous year.

was so far Renovated known as an online marketplace for refurbished electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets. The Viennese start-up is now expanding its range and introducing the new category of fashion products. Contrary to what one might think, this is not second-hand fashion, but rather new clothes made from recycled fabrics. “In addition to the large amounts of electronic waste that we produce as a society, the conventional textile industry also creates gigantic environmental problems. That’s why we want to offer slow fashion producers a central platform that allows the distribution sustainability of new clothing and accessories,” says co-founder Peter Windischhofer.

HDE Online Monitor presented, Electronic Partner renews its brands, Mister Spex with four new stores

Of German Professional Association (HDE) presented the new edition of its annual online monitor. For this year, the HDE expects further strong growth in online commerce in Germany, but slightly corrects its forecasts downwards with an increase in sales of 12.4% to 97.4 billion euros. The trade association had originally forecast a 13.4% increase. After two record years due to corona restrictions in physical retail, “the online sector, like the entire retail sector, is suffering from the current low consumer mood”, says HDE expert Stephan Tromp .

The union group Electronic partners renews its brands PE: and Medimax. Friedrich Sobol, Member of the Board of Directors, says: “We are bringing a new claim to key competences such as regionality, consulting, service and sustainability. With ‘EP: Simply more personal.’ there is even more proximity between the EP: specialized retailer as ‘local hero’ and its customers. At Medimax, Electronic Partner is betting on the new motto “More people. More technology. After the privatization and transfer to a pure franchise organization, Medimax launched an extensive campaign to acquire new franchise partners.

Who started as an online optician Mr Spex increasingly becoming a chain store, sorry: omnichannel retailer. In May, four additional stores will be added to the branch network in Braunschweig, Duisburg, Freiburg and Oldenburg. The Berlin-based company is thus expanding its branch network to a total of 58 stores in Germany, Austria and Sweden. “Thanks to the consistent connection between e-commerce and the branch network, we create a unique shopping experience for eyewear lovers. Because customers decide for themselves which service they need, when they want to buy glasses and where they use them. Our goal is to make shopping for glasses more intuitive, simpler and more transparent,” says CEO Mirko Caspar.

Digital cobbler service in France, interview with David Bosshart, podcast with Wolfgang Gruschwitz

The young company Galoche & godmother of France is positioned as complete digital cobbler service. In one click, the company offers you a collection service at the location of your choice and by appointment. After repair and maintenance, the shoes are returned to the owners, reports Fashion United. The service is offered throughout France: deliveries are made by bicycle or electric scooter in Paris and by UPS courier in the rest of the region. A resoling costs around 24 euros, the maintenance of the sneakers with a professional steamer, waxing and resoling around 35 euros.

“Hypermarkets in France, shopping malls, department stores – they’ve all been declared dead over and over again, and they still exist.”

This tells Dr. David Bosshart of the Duttweiler Foundation about current developments in the industry. In an interview on Profashionals, he advises physical retailers to cooperate more and is increasingly critical of e-commerce and the ever-increasing digitization. “The social costs of convenience orientation are nowhere taken into account. What is the real gain in quality of life? And what is the real loss in quality of life? It made people lazy. We become technocrats. Amazon recognized and capitalized on this brilliantly. But the richness of sensory experiences is accelerated with the internet,” Bosshart said in the interview.

In the 62nd edition of the Trendakedemie podcast is Wolfgang Gruschwitz guest, owner of the Munich design and realization office for customer-oriented rooms. Among its clients are: Puma, Burberry, Balenciaga and Very dry. In the audio and video podcast, he talks about the trade of tomorrow, nationally and internationally as well as general stores to major brands, and also detours through the Metaverse. Listen or watch here.

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