Confirmed: ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star Johnny Depp celebrates his return to the movies

Johnny Depp is currently in court in the US state of Virginia in a dispute with his ex-wife Amber Heard. The process, which was even broadcast live, is also about Depp not getting any more roles. There is a new one though…

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Already at the beginning of 2022, among others, our sister site Allocins find out that Johnny Depp is set to return to the camera for director Maiwenn’s new project (“Poliezei”). The film has now been officially confirmed for the first time. Because the global distributor Wild Bunch has announced that the historical drama entitled “Jeanne du Barry” will be presented to potential investors on the sidelines of the Cannes Film Festival. The director has a so-called mood reel created, supposed to show how she imagines her film. She will also be there in person to answer questions from people who want to invest in the drama.

Filming should then take place, for which Johnny Depp has now been officially confirmed and the other main cast has been announced.

It’s Jeanne du Barry

At the center of “Jeanne du Barry” is the main character, played by director Maiwenn herself. She was born as Marie Jeanne Bécu in 1743 in rather poor circumstances, but fought her way through. Finally, in the last years of her life, she became the mistress of King Louis XV, who also showered her with gifts. The relationship, which lasted until the king’s death, caused great scandal.

Johnny Depp becomes King Louis XV. player. French star Louis Garrel (“The Dreamers”), cult comedian Pierre Richard (“The Tall Blonde in the Black Shoe”) and award-winning actress, screenwriter and director Noemie Lvovsky (“House of Sin”) have now been cast as additional approved roles.

Depp 2023 for the first time since 2018 (!) Back to the cinema?

“Jeanne du Barry” is then set to hit theaters worldwide in 2023.. If that works out and the historical drama also appears in Germany, it would be Depp’s first film appearance in Germany since “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” in late 2018. He hasn’t been on camera, by the way. for several years:

Depp’s latest film to date, “Minamata,” was shot in early 2019 and premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in February 2020, but never had a regular release in Germany thereafter. One reason: Since a London court ruled that Johnny Depp was known as “wife drummerthat is, as a “wife beater”, hardly anyone wants to work with him.

That’s why he’s suing his ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 million in damages in an ongoing lawsuit. In an article, she touched on the subject of domestic violence and described her own experiences. She didn’t mention Depp with a syllable, but there were quick reports that he was the author of many of the episodes she described, which she has since confirmed. Depp mainly blames the original article for not having received any offers of roles and for having lost roles in “Pirates of the Caribbean 6” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 3”.

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