CBD for cooking – is it really possible?

CBD is literally on everyone’s lips, the cannabinoid is considered one of the most effective natural remedies when it comes to alleviating a wide range of ailments.

Photo: Julia Teichmann on Pixabay

Primarily considered a legal CBD oil, it is said to be able to fight insomnia, depression, anxiety, chronic inflammation and more. But what if the pure intake costs too much effort or if CBD should not be used as a medicine, but as a real enrichment in the culinary field? In this case, it is also possible to use a full spectrum oil for cooking.

Cooking with CBD is easier than you think

Changing a recipe and supplementing it with CBD? No problem at all, because the integration of the cannabinoid is very easy. The main ingredient, CBD, can be purchased from reputable suppliers such as MiisterCBD/en/ be bought. When cooking yourself, there are some valuable tips:

  • Adding CBD to fat and oil: CBD is considered fat soluble, so it can easily be combined with healthy fats such as coconut butter, ghee, olive oil or coconut oil. Simply mix a serving of CBD with the oil you would otherwise use, then drizzle over the meal. A real success, especially when preparing salads.
  • CBD with spicy food: Combined with chilli, garlic and ginger, CBD provides a real heat booster. Garlic oil is ideal for introducing the fat-soluble cannabinoid and then adding it to salad, but also to yoghurt as a tasty garnish.

CBD can also be combined with fat-free dishes

If the food is low in fat, it is always possible to combine it with CBD. However, a lot of whipping is required to ensure optimal distribution. Even with hot dishes, you don’t have to do without oil. For example, it can be integrated optimally into the following preparations:

  • Cold salad dressings
  • Hot pasta sauces
  • Marinades for meat and fish
  • Pizza dough
  • Mashed potatoes with a little cream
  • all kinds of soups

It is important that the CBD is well mixed and not just given on food. It is also important that the addition takes place after the dishes have been heated. An exception is the preparation of a marinade for meat and fish. Here the CBD can act for a long time and is absorbed by the fibers of the meat. For example, if mashed potatoes are being prepared, the CBD should only be mixed in at the end.

Use CBD for cooking

CBD can also become the perfect health supplement for baking. Even with classic cannabis use, “space cookies” are very popular, but illegal. Cooking with CBD, on the other hand, is perfectly legal and will not harm the dishes in the dish.

For example, CBD brownies, which are prepared according to a classic recipe, are very popular. The desired amount of CBD is then added to the paste. Due to the low cooking temperature of a maximum of 150 degrees and the short cooking time, the active cannabinoid ingredient remains and can develop slowly.

Pancakes prepared with the addition of CBD are also delicious. There are two different options here. The oil can be mixed directly into the pancake batter and then fried on low. But it is also possible to enrich the maple syrup with it and then pour it over the finished pancakes.

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