This is how it went for black and yellow in school, daycare and healthcare

April 27, 2022 at 12:21 p.m. The big NRW balance sheet : This is how it went for black and yellow in school, daycare and healthcare 8 photos Here are the best candidates for the regional elections in North Rhine-Westphalia Photo: PHOTOS: DPA (4), A. Tiwisina | GRAPHIC: C. SCHNETTLER Dusseldorf The CDU and the … Read more

Bayerische GemeindeZeitung – (GZ-9-2022) Bavarian Integration Award GZ+ 2022: focus on health

(GZ-9-2022) ► Bavarian Integration Award 2022: The Bavarian Integration Prize 2022 is awarded to Regensburg, Nuremberg and Würzburg. The Land parliament announced that the three winning projects had made a special contribution to the health of people with a migrant background. 46 projects applied for this year’s integration award. The prize is endowed with a … Read more

Dysphagia: what to do if you have difficulty swallowing? | – Guide

Status: 04/25/2022 11:55 a.m. If swallowing causes problems while eating or drinking, experts speak of dysphagia. It can have many different causes, from a simple cold to a tumour. When going to the doctor is necessary. Normally we hardly think about swallowing, after all, the act of swallowing is done by itself and unconsciously. But … Read more

The biggest dangers of “soft drugs”

Home page to advise health Created: 26/04/2022 11:04 Of: Isabelle Wetzel Split Sugar gives us energy and makes us happy – but in large amounts, this sweet sin can also be dangerous. This is how the sugar detox diet succeeds. Frankfurt – Rumor has it that too much sugar is unhealthy. Nevertheless, Germans consume on … Read more