The benefits of using leftovers – food-monitor

What is leftover recycling? Fotolia #96317693 © highwaystarz – Licensed: food-monitor Sometimes you don’t plan your meals for the week properly. Then you buy according to your desires and take with you whatever looks delicious. It may seem heavenly at the moment, but it pays off quickly in the kitchen at home. Because if you … Read more

Cooking at a lower cost: Inexpensive recipes with seasonal vegetables

Apr 27, 2022 @ 8:53am Recipes for little money : Cheap food – tips for cheap and delicious food Seasonal vegetables are healthy and inexpensive. Photo: ZB/Soeren Stache Dusseldorf Cooking cheaply – that doesn’t sound trendy at all for friends of good food. But not only given rising food prices, it makes sense to budget … Read more

Mug cake with Nutella: ready in less than 10 minutes without cooking

Updated: 04/27/2022 – 06:49 Lightning fast and no cooking! Nutella mug cake: for those who hate cooking Photo: Shutterstock/ Tatiana Vorona Probably the fastest cake in the world with Nutella: Our Nutella mug cake. Want a cake but don’t feel like cooking? No problem! Our Nutella Mug Cake is ready in less than 10 minutes! … Read more

Primary school pupils in Witzenhausen learn to cook

Home page local Witzenhausen Witzenhausen Created: 04/26/2022Update: 04/26/2022, 5:11 p.m. Of: Hannah Koellen Split Cooking with joy: the pupils of class 3a at the Kesper school in Witzenhausen. Together with Michael Weise (far left) they make vegetable soup on the kitchen bus in the schoolyard. © HANNAH KÖLEN Students at Kesperschule Witzenhausen cut potatoes, carrots, … Read more

How long do asparagus take to cook? This is how asparagus from the oven works! All preparation tips at a glance

Green and white asparagus are prepared differently. We tell you what to pay attention to. dpa/Gudrun Krebs It’s finally that time again: there’s fresh asparagus from the region. Yes, it is a bit of luxury. No other vegetable adorns itself with labels such as “King Vegetables” or “White Gold”, and German asparagus is the most … Read more