Krassnitzer shocked in the cinema: “I needed three glasses of wine” – scene

“Tatort” star Harald Krassnitzer shocks in new film “Tactics” as a brutal hostage taker. “Today” met the actor for an interview. Crime fans know him as the bizarre “crime scene” inspector Moritz Eisner. For the new film “Tactics”, which will be released in Austrian cinemas on Friday May 6, Harald Krassnitzer has changed sides and … Read more

Torrent downloads are making their way to Russian cinemas

In order to avoid sanctions, Russian cinemas resort to streaming Hollywood movies from illegal torrent sources. After Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, many major Hollywood studios announced the suspension of new film releases in Russia. However, some films from these companies have recently been shown in Russian cinemas, albeit illegally. The movies come from downloads on … Read more

who came out – Three celebrities must go

In the battle for the “Reality Star 2022” title, 22 celebrities once again face exciting challenges between a paradise beach and a star-studded sala. Battle of the reality stars – shipwreck on dream beach In season three “Battle of the Reality Stars,” 22 well-known TV and social media faces are once again haggling for fame … Read more

Munich Dok.Fest opened with a big premiere

Home page Culture Created: 04/05/2022, 9:30 p.m. Of: Katja Kraft Split Fights for his freedom – and that of the Russian people: Putin’s opponent Alexei Navalny in the documentary about him. © Dok.Fest Munich The Munich Dok.Fest 2022 is open! The 37th edition of the festival at the Deutsches Theater in Munich kicked off with … Read more

“Memoria” in the cinema: Big Bang Theory – culture

More than fifty times, the industry newspaper Variety counted, the disturbing “bang” can be heard in this film, which assails Jessica every day. At first she is awakened from it, she crosses the nocturnal room and looks out the window. Outside, the parking lot with a dozen cars, their headlights start flashing in fear, the … Read more

New to film & streaming: Which movies are worth – and which aren’t – culture

When Susan Sontag sat in the audience Susan Vahabzadeh: PR Bald recreated the world’s most famous panel discussion from April 1971 – himself as Norman Mailer takes on four feminists who tear him apart for his theses in “The Prisoner of Sex”, especially Germaine Greer (Saralisa Volm). You know exactly who was yelling at who, … Read more