Art – with or without Asperger’s Syndrome

Kaltenkirchen Art – with or without Asperger’s Syndrome Updated: 05/05/2022 05:55 | Reading time: 3 minutes The wine merchant and artist Marco Kreuzaler (l.), Markus Ryschka, autistic and artist, and the Hamburg painter Nils Peters (r.). Photo: Annabell Behrmann A wine merchant from Kaltenkirchen shows in an exhibition what inclusion means in painting. =tqbo dmbttµ#bsujdmf“mpdbujpo#?Lbmufoljsdifo/’octq´=0tqbo?Wps … Read more

A day for art and research at the Ludwig Forum

May 4, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. The art of museum thinking : A day for art and research at the Ludwig Forum Dares a new format: the director of Lufo Eva Birkenstock. The new spatial architecture of the Mulde was created specifically for the project. Photo: Andreas Steindl Aachen The Ludwig Forum in Aachen is … Read more

This is how the perfect Italian flatbread succeeds

genua is a city where you should not stay hungry for long. Nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the Apennines, the port city is ideal for a culinary stroll. Counters filled with all kinds of pies, pizzettes and donuts can be found in the so-called “Sciamaddas”. The Mercato Orientale on Via XX Settembre, inaugurated in … Read more

Searching for clues with former Beys students

May 4, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. Art in Moers : On the occasion of the 101st birthday of Joseph Beuys The boss of the savings bank Giovanni Malaponti (from left to right), Angelika Petri (Seewerk) and Eva Marxen (Cultural Office) with the participating artists. Photo: Rüdiger Bechhaus Moers In a self-curated exhibition titled “Searching for … Read more

Work of the week: Johannes Ludwig

May 4, 2022 at 4:54 p.m. art : Make your own feelings tangible Colors and geometric shapes characterize the art of Johannes Ludwig. Photo: Johannes Ludwig opinion The small picture gallery in the hallway in front of his apartment leads to the heart of Johannes Ludwig’s work and to himself. Anyone who immerses themselves in … Read more

Lou Geldermann’s kitchen photos whet the appetite for art

May 4, 2022 at 5:45 p.m. Exhibition at the Schwarzer Adler in Rheinberg : Kitchen photos whet your appetite for art The “Sputnik” – a kohlrabi – is suspended. Lou Geldermann (right) exhibits at the Schwarzer Adler, Ingrid Lohmann-Küppers (left) and Ulrike Bröcking help hang the pictures. Photo: Armin Fischer (arfi) Rheinberg Artichokes, tomatoes, fish, … Read more

Art in public space at Saarland University

May 4, 2022 at 6:11 p.m. art in the public space : Helmut Kreutzer honored university lawyers The wall designed by Helmut Kreutzer in the inner courtyard of the Audimax. Here is also the Justitia sculpture by Max Merz. Photo: Iris Maria Maurer Some works of art cannot be found in the museum. And there … Read more

Pope: “Orders are patrons of art and culture”

Francis highlighted the cultural work of religious communities. The recognition took place during a 2-day congress, which focused on the preservation of the cultural heritage of religious orders. On the World Day for Consecrated Life, Francis urged religious not to seek success and visibility. “The Spirit wants us to exercise daily faithfulness and care for… … Read more