A rally to education – twelve school children discover vhs Celle on Future Day and design their own curriculum for young people

CELL. “And I thought we were supposed to sit here in a classroom all day and listen…” Leander is honestly surprised when a question sheet is handed to him and he spends a good two hours exploring (almost) every corners of the VHS Celle can explore. He had just imagined a school when he said “community college”.

“That’s who we are – and again we’re not,” explains Liliane Steinke, manager of vhs Celle, to the twelve children and young people who came to Trift 20 for the future day. “With us, adults in particular can learn something they love.” Schoolchildren aged 10 to 14 discovered all this during a rally through the different departments. On a total of ten stations, they were able to obtain information from the heads of departments on IT, politics, languages, culture and health, take a look at the administration and even the “TAF – Participation in the labor market for refugees” and the “Lern-Café for refugees”. It was always about knowing what education really meant.

“We learned so many interesting and new things – it was really good,” Ariane says, when the four groups are back together in the room. With a little help, everyone discovered the digital code of the rally and thus deciphered the “safe”.

Creativity was on again until noon. Egle Preine, head of the “Youth” department, presented the “Young vhs” to the participants. Most of them did not know that the adult education center also had a program for children and young people. Now they were allowed to imagine the classes they would attend themselves, and then design them on the laptop with a photo and a description of the class.

Ariane and Hanna-Lotta thought of the “Multipurpose Kitchen” course, in which you learn everything from the basics to roast lamb. Luise would love “babysitting for beginners” and everyone thought the “all about sustainable travel” idea was great.

“The ideas and the feedback have also excited us,” says Egle Preine, who was enthusiastic about the openness and motivation of the young people. “Let’s see what we can do about it in the fall. The next program will appear on August 25.

The concept of the rally and the possibility of designing your own program for young people was well received by the participants. “I liked everything very much, it was a varied morning,” concludes Hanna-Lotta. In the end, the question remains: does everyone now know what education is? Perhaps, as Einstein once said, “Education is what remains when you have forgotten everything you learned in school.”

Photo: Martina Hancke/vhs Celle

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